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Everytown Shoots Itself In The Foot







” I am reliably informed that the folks over at Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control outfit, Everytown, believe earnestly that the above commercial makes the case for stricter gun control. The intended message, presumably, is: “We need to keep guns out of the hands of violent men with restraining orders.” A laudable aim, in and of itself.

  Does this come across? Not really, no. What the video ends up doing instead is demonstrating a) that people who are willing to abduct children and shoot women in the face are not likely to follow the laws (the victim already has a restraining order out against her assailant, which frankly doesn’t seem to be doing much); b) that the victim would have been better off with a gun in her hand than with a phone connected to the police department; and c) that, firearms being a great equalizer between men and women, any rules that make it difficult for potential victims to get hold of guns (and make no mistake: Everytown supports them all) put vulnerable people in danger.”


Thanks to Charles C W Cooke at NRO




    While everyone can agree that we would like to eliminate domestic violence , as Katie Pavlich points out , the woman in this video has a much better chance of survival than does the woman waiting for the police to respond to her 911 call .









    Which do you suppose is better able to defend the life of a woman alone , a restraining order or a pistol ? You are free to choose … keep it that way .











Bloomberg Paying Activists To Crash NRA Convention





” We all know former-mayor Michael Bloomberg will go to about any extent to rip the guns away from American citizens, but his latest tactic, some are arguing, is a blow beneath the belt. Seeking to hinder the efforts of NRA Bloomberg has announced that he will be paying anti-gun activists to crash the upcoming gun rights convention.
  Bloomberg isn’t known for his most honorable methods however, as his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) has lost quite a bit of traction after if came to light that the underlying goal of the organization was actually complete gun confiscation. Since that time, Bloomberg has rebranded himself with a new name, but the efforts are the same.
  This time calling his gun-grabbing organization Everytown for Gun Safety, Bloomberg has pledged $50 million from his own bank account to help fund the unconstitutional movement. His most recent spending has been announced as he is shipping about 120 anti-gunners (mothers of survivors and survivors of gun violence) to the NRA convention in Indianapolis for one purpose only – to crash the party.”



While Mr Conservative has more on Everytown For Gun Safety’s plans to disrupt the NRA convention we are pleased to report that another former politician who chose to associate himself with Bloomberg’s gun confiscation plan has come to his senses and withdrawn his support .

Why Tom Ridge ever chose to be a part of the Nanny’s gun grabbing scheme is beyond us but he has decided that he made a mistake and has bailed . Better late than never we suppose .



” Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge suddenly quit the board of the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety — the second Republican to resign from a Bloomberg effort this month over concerns about its mission or planned political activities.

” When I signed on as an adviser to Everytown, I looked forward to a thoughtful and provocative discussion about the toll gun violence takes on Americans,” Ridge, who served under President George W. Bush, told The Daily Caller in a statement. “After consultation with Everytown, I have decided that I am uncomfortable with their expected electoral work.”

  Having Ridge aboard was considered a coup for Bloomberg because the former Pennsylvania governor is a Republican, the Daily Caller reports. The former mayor, whose 12-year term ended in January, was planning to spend $50 million on the group in hopes of it rivaling the National Rifle Association, according to The New York Times.”













Facebook Mulling Policy Changes On Gun-Themed Pages





” Facebook may announce company policy changes for gun-related pages in the coming weeks, VentureBeat has learned.

  The social network has been under pressure from the powerful Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Moms Demand Action civic group to ban gun-themed fan pages on the site.

  The two advocacy groups recently joined forces to pressure what they say is their stated objective of seeing “Facebook get out of the gun business.” Mayors Against Illegal Guns was co-founder by former NYC three-term mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg along with Boston’s then-mayor Thomas Menino in 2006. Mayors of more than 1,100 U.S. cities belong to the organization.

  A Moms Demand Action petition on Change.org to prohibit gun sales on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram has over 94,000 signatures. Comedian Sarah Silverman recently tweeted about the campaign, which is getting massive exposure through U.S. media outlets.

  The petition is addressed to Instagram chief executive Kevin Systrom and Facebook co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg:

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO
Your platforms unfortunately allow users to buy, sell, and trade firearms without requiring criminal background checks.Other online platforms including Craigslist, eBay, and Google+ have already prohibited these sales.I ask that you put an end to this completely unregulated social media gun show and prohibit gun sales from your platforms immediately.

[Your name] “


   Since nothing is actually bought or sold through Facebook how will they prevent people from using their website to conduct illegal activities ? The obvious answer would be to ban all references to guns on the pages . If that is in fact their chosen method to appease the Nanny Bloombergs among us then we are looking at a ban on gun-related pages which from our point of view will result in an end to our association with the social media giant .

VentureBeat has more details





Guess Who’s Lying About The ‘Gun Show Loophole’ In Virginia?





”  Earlier this week we learned of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $1.1 million anti-gun advertisement buy for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuiliffe. Bloomberg funneled the money into Virginia through his PAC, USA Independence and advertisements have been running on radio and television since Tuesday. One television ad in particular targets the “gun show loophole” and states in a voiceover, “The gun show loophole. It means anyone can buy a gun without a background check.” The ad shows photos of mass murders Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech), Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook), Aaron Alexis (Navy Yard) and James Holmes (Aurora Colorado theater) while implying these killers purchased their guns through this so-called “loophole.”

The problem? The ad is full of lies. None of the mass shooters mentioned purchased their guns at gun shows and many of them passed background checks. Bob Owens over at BearingArms has more:”


Katie Pavlich continues the story .








Bloomberg Administration To Change The Way The City Calculates 911 Response Times


” The Bloomberg administration will announce today it is going to change the way it calculates response times to emergency 911 calls, The Post has learned.

Sources said Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway will tell a City Council hearing that the calls are going to be measured from the moment they are placed — not from when dispatchers send help.

The change had been demanded by the Uniformed Firefighters Association, which has been hammering the administration for allegedly fudging the numbers since 2009, when the NYPD took over all emergency-call functions.

Before then, fire calls were handled by both the FDNY and the NYPD.

“This is something we want and the public wants. It gives a complete time of the response to a 911 call for the first time ever,” an administration source told The Post.”



     Let us get this straight . For years now the city’s 911 response time has been calculated from the moment a unit has been dispatched and not when the citizen placed the call for help ? That’s effed up . Talk about CYA . Is it any wonder no one has any faith in government or the statistical hogwash it presents to bolster it’s alleged effectiveness ?

   Two cliches immediately spring to mind : ” Dial 911 and die” and ” When seconds count , the police are minutes away” But New Yorkers are not competent enough to own a gun . Go figure …










 Nanny Gets Nasty: “Taxi King” Says Bloomberg Threatened To Destroy Him After Leaves Office



” Via The NY Post, Mike unleashes a ‘hail’ storm:

Mayor Bloomberg went on a spitting-mad rant against a city cab-fleet boss who won a court victory over Hizzoner’s planned “Taxi of Tomorrow” — vowing to “destroy your f–king industry” when he leaves office, The Post has learned.

A fuming Bloomberg made the threat against Taxi Club Management CEO Gene Freidman at Madison Square Garden’s private 1879 Club during last Thursday’s Knick playoff game, a witness said yesterday.

“It was like Gene had kidnapped his child. He used the f-word twice,” the witness said.

Freidman confirmed the blow-up to The Post, and said Bloomberg’s tirade included the warning that, “After January, I am going to destroy all you f–king guys.”

That’s bad news for Bloomberg’s political enemies, who could all become targets once the revenge-minded billionaire has nothing but time on his hands. “






Attention, Red State Knuckle Draggers: Surrender




” You have to give this execrable Bloomberg editorial from earlier today points for candor:

The struggle to enact [the Manchin-Toomey plan] turned uphill this week, with nearly all Senate Republicans opposing it and even a few red-state Democrats running for cover. The proposal’s demise, in a 54-46 vote, is a testament to legislators’ continuing fear of the gun lobby. It also illuminates a political equation that grows more unbalanced, especially in the Senate, every year. The votes of Wyoming’s two senators, representing 580,000 citizens, effectively cancel the votes of California’s two senators, representing 38 million. The votes of Illinois, with a population of almost 13 million, are voided by those of Alaska, with little more than 700,000.

This is a problem for sensible gun legislation. It is also a problem for American democracy. If the nation’s laws fail to represent the views of the overwhelming majority of its people, representative democracy becomes a shallow and unsustainable exercise.

Maybe it’s just the editor in me, but do we generally use the word “unsustainable” for something that’s been functioning for well over two centuries?

Now, it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. This turns out to be an argument for abolishing the filibuster, not doing away with the Senate as we know it (not that we need any further proof that the leftwouldn’t shed a single tear over the latter proposal). The reason? You damn rubes won’t put down the boomsticks:”







Law Enforcement Disagrees with President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg

” Law Enforcement Stands With NRA and America’s Gun Owners

View the complete survey by PoliceOne.comhttp://ddq74coujkv1i.cloudfront.net/p…

PoliceOne.com Press Release:http://www.policeone.com/corporate-pr…

PoliceOne’s Gun Control Survey: 11 key lessons from officers’ perspectives http://www.policeone.com/Gun-Legislat…

NYC’s Michael Bloomberg Accused Of ‘Hypocrisy’ ForArming Security Detail In Gun-Free Bermuda




” Bloggers are taking New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to task, accusing him of hypocrisy for pushing strict gun control onto Americans but simultaneously seeking gun-carry exemptions for his security detail when he travels to Bermuda, where firearms are largely prohibited.

“Guns are largely forbidden in Bermuda,” writes Walter Olson, of Cato, quoting a New York Times article. “But Mayor Bloomberg of New York, one of the nation’s most famously anti-gun politicos, has a dispensation for armed bodyguards from his own NYPD.”

One blogger writes in answer to that: “Gun laws are just for the ‘little people.’ Those who command millions of dollars and political capital don’t have to obey gun laws since they can hide behind their ‘need for security’ because of said wealth and political connections.”

And another writes on the blog Weazel Zippers: Mr. Bloomberg is guilty of “hypocrisy.” The story highlights “another [case of] ‘some animals are more equal than others.’ “




Bloomberg Denounces ‘Food Freedom’ as Bourgeois Oppression


” Dear Comrades,The Chief Commissar of Manhattangrad, Comrade Mikhail Bloomberg, has denounced the reactionary People’s Court judge who recently overruled the Comrade’s directive limiting the Peoples’ Rations of sodas and other foods deemed ‘unhealthy’ by the Party.”I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom,” Comrade Mikhail stated during a broadcast of the American Media Collective.He later went on to praise the work of his Department of Mandatory Health, which will continue to struggle for compulsory treatment of obesity and other destabilizing conditions that threaten the good order of Manhattangrad.”

Bloomberg Attacks NRA with $12 Million Anti Gun Ad Buy. NRA Fires back!





” The battle is on between the NRA and Michael Bloomberg who plans to purchase 12 million dollars worth of advertising to target senators and pressure them to vote for stronger gun control laws. NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre fired back saying Bloomberg, “can’t buy America.”

From Fox News: NRA chief says Bloomberg can’t ‘buy America’ amid $12M gun control ad blitz

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre on Sunday challenged New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to spend $12 million on ads meant to pressure senators into backing strict new gun control measures, saying Bloomberg “can’t buy America.” “





City Restaurant Inspectors Will Now Be Armed With 17-Ounce Cups To Make Sure Eateries Aren’t Selling Oversized Sugary Beverages






” There will be no SWAT teams policing Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial new ban on large sodas and other sugary drinks starting Tuesday, but city inspectors will be armed — with 17-ounce cups.

The Health Department plans to use regular restaurant inspections to make sure eateries are not selling sugary beverages in servings larger than 16 ounces. But the inspectors will have specially ordered cups to help them enforce the new rule, Deputy Health Commissioner Daniel Kass said.

He spelled out the new procedures in exacting detail in an affidavit recently filed as part of the legal challenge to Bloomberg’s anti-big-soda policy. “The measuring cups that we will be issuing … will be able to contain 17 fluid ounces,” Kass said. Inspectors will be instructed to issue a violation only when a cup is found to “clearly exceed” 16 ounces “when measured in the inspector’s measuring cup,” he added.”

That Is The Way Of The World . Yet The Democrats Continue To Be The Party Of Appeasement ,Whether We Are Talking Criminals , Terrorists Or Any Other Law-Breakers .


Gun Owners of America

Mayor Bloomberg claims that he doesn’t know what good a gun would do in stopping a school shooting.  Allow me to remind him of Pearl High School and a would be massacre that occurred on Dec. 17, 1997.  “Would-be” being the operative term.

Bookish and overweight, a 16 year old kills his mother with a butcher knife, puts on a trench coat, hides his .30-30 rifle under it and drives to school.  Upon arriving in the parking lot he opens fire killing two and injuring others.

He would have continued his killing spree, killing countless others, until hero assistant Principal Joel Myrick heard the shots and ran to his truck. He unlocked the door, removed his gun from its case, removed a round of bullets from another case, loaded the gun and went looking for the killer. “I’ve always kept a gun in the truck just in case something like this ever happened,”

View original post 232 more words

Bloomberg U.S.A.





” It looks like Americans are in for a long campaign by Mayor Bloomberg to exploit the killings at Newtown, Connecticut, for his campaign against what he likes to call “illegal guns.” The children slain in Connecticut hadn’t even been identified when Mr. Bloomberg was issuing statements attacking President Obama for failing to take “immediate” action. The thing for the rest of America to keep in mind about Mr. Bloomberg is that in his hometown he has become known for playing a very slippery game.

This starts with the name of one of the organizations Mr. Bloomberg uses, known as Mayors Against Illegal Guns. In fact it plumps for prohibitions on guns that are currently legal. The organization likes to quote police chiefs who are for more gun control. This line of argument was demolished after the Aurora, Colorado, massacre, by the Wall Street Journal. It issued a piece by John Lott reporting that the overwhelming majority of police chiefs surveyed in America believe that “any law-abiding citizen [should] be able to purchase a firearm for sport or self-defense.”

That, Mr. Lott noted, was the finding of the National Association of Chiefs of Police. It covered more than 20,000 chiefs of police and sheriffs. Adds Mr. Lott: “Seventy-seven percent believed that concealed-handgun permits issued in one state should be honored by other states ‘in the way that drivers’ licenses are recognized through the country’—and that making citizens’ permits portable would ‘facilitate the violent crime-fighting potential of the professional law enforcement community.’”

Sunday Steyn

Biggest Big Government Can’t Keep Lights On






” In political terms, Hurricane Sandy and the Benghazi consulate debacle exemplify at home and abroad the fundamental unseriousness of the United States in the Obama era. In the days after Sandy hit, Barack Obama was generally agreed to have performed well. He had himself photographed in the White House Situation Room, nodding thoughtfully to bureaucrats (“John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism; Tony Blinken, National Security Advisor to the Vice President; David Agnew, Director for Intergovernmental Affairs”) and Tweeted it to his 3.2 million followers. He appeared in New Jersey wearing a bomber jacket rather than a suit to demonstrate that when the going gets tough the tough get out a monogrammed Air Force One bomber jacket. He announced that he’d instructed his officials to answer all calls within 15 minutes because in America “we leave nobody behind.” By doing all this, the president “shows” he “cares” – which is true in the sense that in Benghazi he was willing to leave the entire consulate staff behind, and nobody had their calls answered within seven hours, because presumably he didn’t care. So John Brennan, the Counterterrorism guy, and Tony Blinken, the National Security honcho, briefed the president on the stiff breeze, but on Sept. 11, 2012, when a little counterterrorism was called for, nobody bothered calling the Counterterrorism Security Group, the senior U.S. counterterrorism bureaucracy.





I don’t know whether Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can fix things, but I do know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden won’t even try – and that therefore a vote for Obama is a vote for the certainty of national collapse. Look at Lower Manhattan in the dark, and try to imagine what America might look like after the rest of the planet decides it no longer needs the dollar as global reserve currency. For four years, we have had a president who can spend everything but build nothing. Nothing but debt, dependency, and decay. As I said at the beginning, in different ways the response to Hurricane Sandy and Benghazi exemplify the fundamental unseriousness of the superpower at twilight. Whether or not to get serious is the choice facing the electorate Tuesday.”

Nanny Bloomberg

100 Percent FED Up


  His Honor the Nanny just can’t resist pitching for the gun grabbers no matter the venue or circumstances . Tasteless and vulgar .

  ” The mayor’s hysteria on this issue is pushing him into a territory where, if he goes much further, his integrity is going to be questioned. Yesterday he claimed his campaign was not about gun control but about crime control. Yet he keeps talking about illegal guns. To the Constitution, he feigns fealty. “Guns,” he said yesterday, “you have a right to carry by the Second Amendment. The courts have said that municipalities, states, and the federal government have the right to enact reasonable protections to the public.” In fact the Supreme Court has left only a little leeway to the states and municipalities —schools, hospitals, government buildings —and the Mayor doesn’t agree with the court. “


Courtesy of Weasel Zippers


Bloomberg Calls For All U.S. Police Officers To “Go On Strike” Until Law-Abiding Americans Have Their Second Amendment Rights Curtailed…

More on Nanny Bloomberg’s dietary plans .

” Bloomberg is not the first politician to ban food. The FDA has been waging a vendetta against
“fresh” food for years. Like raw milk and farm fresh eggs and small farm organic produce. The government has decided that unless it’s
mass-produced at farms big enough to pay bribes hire a lobbyist, it’s not good for you.

   Since we’re banning foods, I want to enter the discussion about what should be banned. I think I have some great ideas on that score. Here are 4 foods that should be banned. Are you listening, Big Brother?! “