Gold In Tree Leaves Could Reveal Location Of Deeply Buried Ore Deposits



” On a quest for buried gold? Leave the compass behind and let the trees guide you. Scientists in Australia have found the first nanoparticulate proof that, unlike money, gold actually does grow on trees, and could indicate the locations of underground gold deposits.

A team of researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, or CSIRO, Australia’s national scientific research body, found that Eucalyptus trees in two separate locations contained particulate Au embedded in the cells of the trees’ leaves. The nanoparticles of gold measured up to 8 microns wide – about ten times thinner than the human hair, Live Science noted.

Scientists believe the gold in the trees’ leaves indicates there are gold deposits underneath. As Science Mag noted, trees absorb whatever nutrients are in the Earth beneath it. That means any bits of gold dissolved in underground water reserves could be sucked up by the vegetation above it.

“The tree is a conveyor belt bringing gold to the surface,” Clifford Stanley, a geochemist at Acadia University in Wolfville, Canada, told Science Mag.”