Soros & Fellow Billionaires For Open Borders Lobby GOP On Amnesty




” Anyway, that’s all boilerplate and hardly worth commenting on, as much as it might irk me. But I got to thinking about the groups hosting this thing and thought it’d be interesting to match up their principals and supporters with the Forbes 400 list. Turns out that “Billionaires for Open Borders” isn’t just a catchy name — it’s the reality. Joining Soros (#19 on the Forbes 400) in backing today’s lobbying effort are a broad collection of his fellow billionaires. One of the co-hosts was Partnership for a New American Economy. Among the group’s co-chairmen: Michael Bloomberg (#10 on the Forbes 400), Steve Ballmer (#21), Rupert Murdoch (#30), Douglas M. Baker Jr. (#161), and Bill Marriott (#296).

Another co-host was, founded by Mark Zuckerberg (#20) and including among its supporters Bill Gates (#1), Eric Schmidt (#49), Reid Hoffman (#103), John Doerr (#184), Stanley Druckenmiller (#184), John Fisher (#193), Barry Diller (#260), Sean Parker (#273), Jim Bryer (#352), Mark Pincus (was #212 in 2011, but fallen off since), Matt Cohler (worth a measly $400 million, but on the Forbes Future 400 list), Fred Wilson (#16 on Forbes Midas List of top tech investors), Ron Conway (#41 on the Midas List), and Richard Kramlich (#73 on the Midas List). That’s not to mention a whole list of mere multi-millionaires and even billionaires who didn’t make the cut.”


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  The fact that each of these self-serving a**holes can be given a hearing by the bend-over crowd on the right side of the aisle while they continue to ignore the will of the people is indicative of the total corruption of our present political system 

    Now more than ever we need to institute a ” one and done ” policy concerning our political class . We saw fit to limit the terms of the presidency and that job is actually less damaging to the public good than is Congress . For that reason we need term limits now . It is well past time to eliminate the possibility , nay certainty , that our elected leaders will become beholden to the money men in this country as is now the case .

 Forget Citizens United and all the other pretend fixes that the princes in Washington offer as “solutions” to the corruption of our political class . The simple solution is to eliminate the political class all together . The Founders envisioned a citizen legislature where people from all walks of life briefly interrupted their lives to serve the public good and then retired to the productive work that they had always done . They never imagined that the Republic they gave so much to create would degenerate into a caste system with a ruling elite .

 It may seem like a radical idea to some but we feel that no politician should stand for re-election EVER . Hence our choice of “One And Done” . End the “profession” of politician now . No re-election drastically reduces the ability of outside money men to bend the politicians to their will with promise of filling their re-election coffers .