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Barbs at Global Warming Thinker May Be Libelous

” A climatologist can advance claims that the National Review defamed him by likening him to convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky and accusing him of academic fraud, a judge ruled.

     Michael Mann is a meteorology professor at Penn State University, which was rocked by Sandusky’s sex abuse scandal in late 2011. In addition to running the university’s Earth System Science Center, Mann co-wrote the “Hockey Stick Graph,” a purported long-term analysis of global climate trends using indicators such as tree rings.

     Questions over Mann’s work arose in 2010 when emails between Mann and climate scientists at the University of East Anglia surfaced.”

Charles C W Cooke offers this must-read piece in NRO .

“What happened in Colorado in the early hours of this morning was not a “tragedy” but a willful act of mass murder. Beyond his age, name, and ethnicity, nobody yet knows who the shooter is, or why he chose to do what he did. In my view, this is a blessing, albeit a temporary one; for, as.has been the way in recent years, once his partyregistration, television-viewing habits, and random scribblings become known to the public,
all sorts of hysterical speculation and unlettered accusations will burst forth.

  Whole groups will be vilified, blame will be apportioned to those many times removed, and the shooter will be partially absolved of blame by those who prefer to see fault in video games or talk radio or political rhetoric or anything else
that can be conscripted to explain why terrible things happen to good people. “

  Rich Lowry on the youth vote and how ” Rarely has a politician owed so much to a constituency he has served so poorly. ”

  ” Give the Obama Youth credit for this: At least they didn’t vote their self-interest.

  The cadres of college students and recent graduates who swooned and fainted for Barack Obama four years ago will long be remembered for one of the most ill-considered fliers in the annals of self-defeating enthusiasms. In the cold light of day, the youthful idealists, believers, and activists of 2008 look like the lamentable saps, patsies, and suckers of 2012. ”

  And while he specifically speaks of the youth vote being so poorly served , what of the black vote ?

   Surely they have been just as poorly served . As have we all .

   ” “With every passing week Democratic insiders are becoming more and more panicked that, by
November, their Republican opponents will have buried them under a mountain of money,”
reports The New Republic . “The GOP money machine — that is, American Crossroads, the super PAC co-founded by Karl Rove; Americans for Prosperity, the group backed by the billionaire Koch brothers; and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — has vowed to spend $1 billion
combined before Election Day.”

  The only catch is that the actual spending by super PACs so far this year tells a quite different
story. The truth is that the super PAC founded by top Obama staffers and its aligned “independent” groups are outspending groups that oppose the president by roughly two to
one. “

For the Little People

   ” One of the things I’ve always liked about the Democrats is their rhetoric about being the party of ordinary folks. A classic instance was the late Senator Paul Wellstone’s line about fighting for “the little fellers, not the Rockefellers.” Republicans, of course, would chaff Wellstone for collaborating with none other than Senator Jay . . . Rockefeller, on various liberal agenda items. As with a lot of political rhetoric on any part of the political spectrum, it helps to be reminded that the aw-shucks I’m-for-the-little-guy stuff is often just a pose. A few minutes ago, I saw a notable case in point: Rachel Maddow was mocking Mitt Romney for posing with mitten-shaped cookies on a visit to a Michigan bakery, which she contrasted with the same day’s images of our Cosmopolitan World Leader President grappling with issues of global significance on the world stage, encouraging (she implied) Russia’s Putin to turn back his helicopter-laden ships that were on their way to Syria . . .”

Who else but ?

“There are monarchies and republics aplenty, but there’s only one 24/7 fundraising presidency.”

  …. but Mark Steyn .

  “Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee a few days ago — that’s 60 years on the throne. Just to put it in perspective, she’s been
queen since Harry S. Truman was president. At any rate, her jubilee has been a huge success,save for a few churlish republicans in various
corners of Her Majesty’s realms from London to Toronto to Sydney pointing out how absurd it is
for grown citizens to be fawning over a distant head of state who lives in a fabulous, glittering
cocoon entirely disconnected from ordinary life. ”

“Which brings us to President Obama. ”

One more taste

” However, there are some cheap seats available. A year and a half ago, big-money Democrats in
Rhode Island paid $7,500 per person for the privilege of having dinner with President Obama
at a private home in Providence. He showed up for 20 minutes and then said he couldn’t stay for dinner.

   “I’ve got to go home to walk the dog and scoop the poop,” he told them, because when you’ve paid seven-and-a-half grand for dinner nothing puts you in the mood to eat like a guy talking about canine fecal matter. “

  While Michelle Malkin is taking part in the Day of Blogging Silence , she herself is not remaining silent . Here is a piece on Kimberlin from today’s National Review .


   “In 1978, Kimberlin was sentenced to more than 50 years in federal prison for drug dealing, impersonating a federal officer, and a weeklong bombing spree in Speedway, Ind. The violent crimes left one victim so severely injured that he committed suicide. A civil court awarded the widow of the victim, Carl DeLong, $1.6 million. Kimberlin was released from jail in 2001, but he has yet to pay up.”

Jim Geraghty on Scott Walker

“Believe it or not, by winning his recall election –  by a 57 percent to 42 percent margin at this hour – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has done his foes – the Wisconsin Democratic Party, the public sector unions, the progressives and angry leftists – a favor “

Mark Steyn : …

Mark Steyn :

“In the twilight of the West, America and Europe are still different but only to this extent: They’ve wound up taking separate paths to the same destination. Whether you get there via an artificial common currency for an invented pseudo-jurisdiction or through quantitative easing and the global decline of the dollar, whether you spend your final years in the care of Medicare or the National Health Service death panels, whether higher education is just another stage of cradle-to-grave welfare or you have a trillion dollars’ worth of personal college debt, in 2012 the advanced Western social-democratic citizen looks pretty similar, whether viewed from Greece or Germany, California or Quebec.”

  ” Twenty-eight bucks! What a remarkably precise sum. Thirty dollars less a federal handling fee?
Why isn’t this guy Obama’s treasury secretary or budget director ? Or, at the very least, the head honcho of the General Services Administration, whose previous director has sadly had to step
down after the agency’s taxpayer-funded public-servants-gone-wild Bacchanal in Vegas. ”

He is one of the funniest political commentators out there and never fails to make us aware of the sad state of government affairs in a hilarious , biting fashion .