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Camel Tow – “We’ll snatch you out of a tight spot” 












Durham DA: No Charges Against Cops In The Death Of Jesus Huerta





On Nov. 19 Jesus Huerta was killed by a ‘close range’ gunshot wound through his mouth and out the back of his head while in the back seat of a cop car, hands cuffed behind his back.  The Top Cop said it was suicide; you can read more here.

  The family has a few questions, naturally.  From

‘ The attorney for Huerta’s family, Alex Charns, acknowledged that the decision to “charge another human being with a crime is a weighty one” and said the family did not have a comment on Stanback’s decision.

  However Charns said the family does question the SBI’s investigation.

“ We do have a comment on who the SBI talked to, who they failed to talk to and who they have historically served,” Charns said. “We do know that despite an SBI promise to the Huerta family to consult with them about what they might contribute before finishing its report, the SBI did not do so.” “



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“How ‘Pro-Choice’ Are Democrats?”

“Answer: Not very, when it comes to schools, unions, food, beverages,
light bulbs…”

Video at the link

“Oh, our aching sides! As Twitchy reported, President Obama’s DNC speech has been moved to a smaller venue, due to “weather.” Like with his dwindling crowd sizes at rallies, they totally meant to do that, you see.”

Were Dems paranoid that
Thursday would be #
EmptyChairDay at Stadium?
Were they worried about a new
hashtag # EmptyStadiumDay ?”

# EmptyStadiumDay The moment
when rise of Obama began to slow
and the planet began to heal “

Forward !

3 reasons the Democratic Convention could be a disaster

Back when President Obama won North Carolina in 2008, holding his re-election convention in Charlotte may have seemed like a good idea….”

  The good times aren’t exactly ready to roll in Charlotte .

  Besides being 75% short on the budget ,cancelling the opening event at Charlotte Motor Speedway , slimming down the celebration from 4 days to 3 ,now Congressional candidates are being given the green light to bail on the proceedings altogether by the man in charge of getting back a Democratic majority .

   Interesting times , my friends , interesting times .

Permission to bail , Sir ? 

” Either that, or the chair of the
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — whose mission is to restore a Democratic
majority in November with Nancy Pelosi still in charge of the caucus — has begun to feel the same panic that some of his colleagues have
experienced at the thought of.being associated with Barack Obama’s renomination as the
party’s standard-bearer. This morning , Israeltold a Reuters conference that every Democrat
running for Congress should skip the convention this year: “