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” For the people who will be affected by Sandy in the coming 36 hours, this will test you like no other event. Not everyone will be impacted the same but millions of people are likely to lose power, suffer some extent of damage and have a long road to recovery ahead. The hardest hit areas will likely be the beaches where an incredible amount of energy from the wind is being transferred in to the Atlantic Ocean. Be mindful of the power of surge and if you were asked to evacuate, do it. I know it’s an aggravation but you do not want to go through what people in Mississippi did during Katrina with that surge. While we’re not expecting 28 feet, there could be enough to level homes and businesses. Heed the advice of your local officials and hang in there….it will be a rough time coming but we will all get through it even if it’s a painful process. “

Today is the Day to Prepare


” Hurricane Sandy was briefly downgraded overnight to a tropical storm, then was re-classified as a hurricane this morning when a reconnaissance airplane found hurricane-force winds. It continues to look ugly on satellite, and might be re-downgraded to a tropical storm later today. Again, none of this matters. This temporary weakening trend was and is expected. It doesn’t (yet) suggest that the models are wrong, or that Sandy will underperform its forecasts (as Irene and Isaac did). That might happen — there’s always the possibility that models are wrong — but we have NO EVIDENCE to suggest that yet. As Bryan Norcross wrote yesterday, “Either every model is wrong or this is serious as a heart attack.”

Please read Norcross’s whole excellent post from last night, and understand that — distracting noise about downgrades and “hybridization” aside —Sandy remains a deadly serious threat, including to hyper-vulnerable New York City. “