119 MPH Gust Off Maine Coast? Weather Service Takes Second Look



Windgusts New England 3:26:14




” A powerful storm produced hurricane-force winds off the Maine coast, but scientists aren’t sure whether a 119 mph reading off Jonesport was accurate..”



Weather Buoy Jonesport Maine


” Rich Norton from the National Weather Service said the reading at a buoy off Jonesport could be accurate but that it’s under review because it was out of line with other readings. For example, the storm whipped up gusts of 70 mph at Matinicus Rock. On land, the storm produced gusts approaching 60 mph.”



   These previous observations from the Jonesport buoy show hours of winds in excess of 50 knots continuous and periodic gusts over 100 knots so it would not seem out of the range of possibility that there was a recorded gust of 119 mph considering the fact that 103 knots equals 118.53 mph and even the lower 99 knot readings correspond to wind guts of nearly 114 mph .




Wind Gusts Jonesport Me




” To the east, Canada also had some big wind readings: 106 mph off Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and 114 mph off Newfoundland.”



 Any way you look at it , it was no day to be at sea .



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