A Machine For Crushing Christie’s Enemies




” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s aides deliberately induced a big traffic jam as revenge against a mayor who wouldn’t endorse him. Christie denies that he was aware they were doing this. Let’s suppose, just for the sake of argument, that Christie’s telling the truth. Does that get the governor — and would-be president — off the hook?

  Not necessarily. Marc Ambinder explains why, leading off with the portrait of Christie in the recent book Double Down:

  Double Down‘s Christie was megalomaniacal, self-possessed, and obsessed with reciprocity: You do well by him, and he’ll do well by you. You fundraise without his permission in New Jersey, and he’ll cut the donors off. Loyalty trumped all. If Christie perceived you as disloyal, you were out of his inner circle. That’s in passive voice because Christie would leave it to his lieutenants to enforce this code of honor….”

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