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NBC: All Visitors To Sochi Olympics Immediately Hacked



The major news networks all reported on the hacking threat at Sochi …


CBS: Sochi 2014: Privacy and hacking at the Olympic Games

ABC: The Other Sochi Threat: Russian Spies, Mobsters Hacking Your Smartphones

Forbes: Mobile Hacking Fears Beset Visitors To Sochi Olympics

US News: Olympics Pose Threats of Hacking, Spying


  These reports , on the other hand , suggest that NBC’s report is exaggerated , if not down right wrong …


Yahoo News: Security expert calls out NBC’s whiny report on Sochi Olympics hacking

Latin Post: NBC’s Sochi Hacking Report Misleading, Says Computer Expert From Report and Others

BSN: NBC’s Ironic Mainstream Hacking Sensationalism ‘News’ in Sochi




Wherein lies the truth ? We don’t know . If anyone can offer us a first-hand report we will be glad to publish it .



HT/Western Center For Journalism

Pennsylvania Cops Continue To Lie To Citizens About Wiretapping Law



” Another Pennsylvania cop tried to convince a citizen that audio recording him in public is a felony, an act of intimidation that doesn’t carry the same weight as it did a couple of years ago when they would actually carry out arrests on these charges.

But the citizens are getting much smarter about these things, so the cops are just making themselves look stupid.”



Keep abreast of the issue at PINAC






Lancaster Cops Continue To Threaten Videographer, Even After Last Week’s National Embarrassment





” Less than a week after a Pennsylvania man posted a video showing a Lancaster cop refusing to take an accident report because the man insisted on his nephew recording the interaction, a story that was picked up by a national technology site as well as the local newspaper, another Lancaster police officer threatened to arrest the man on wiretapping charges, indicating a clear pattern of abuse of authority when it comes to the Constitutionally protected act of recording cops in public.

Fortunately, Paul Dejesus knew his rights and was not afraid to assert them, even after the cop gave up on the wiretapping threat and began threatening him with disorderly conduct, which is the usual catch-all charge for contempt of cop.

But Dejesus slapped that threat down by pointing out he was recording from his own yard.

But if he was recording from a public sidewalk, he still wouldn’t have been guilty of disorderly conduct in that state. “



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