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” Vote Your Lady Parts ”

The Liberty and Freedom Foundation



  “BARACK OBAMA IS TRYING TO DIVIDE AMERICA WITH A FAKE WAR ON WOMEN, PROBLEM IS, 750,000 WOMEN HAVE LOST THEIR JOBS DUE TO HIM – So Barack H. Obama knows he can’t win on his record, knows Americans understand his policies have failed, so what is he doing…creating a false war on Women. The problem is, the real war on Women is being carried out by OBAMA!! There are 750,000 more women unemployed toda

y than when he took office. THAT, FOLKS, is the real war on women.”

To the youth voters who bought into the ” Hope & Change ” meme:

After 4 years of a celebrity president you need to ask yourself , “Are You Better Off ?”

We are finally reaping the fruits of our media driven celebrity culture . The ” Empty Suit ” as Savior .