One Casualty Of The Sequester? Obama’s Entire Legislative Agenda




” President Obama has been highlighting, with increasing urgency, all the ways in which the sequester – the across-the-board cuts to defense and nondefense discretionary spending scheduled to hit at the end of next week – would be bad for average Americans and could do serious damage to the economy.

What he hasn’t said, but what’s abundantly clear from looking at where the cuts would hit, is that the sequester also would make virtually all of Mr. Obama’s second-term legislative agenda, including a few items that have Republican support, essentially dead on arrival.

At an event Tuesday with first responders whose jobs could be eliminated by the sequester, Obama spelled out the consequences of allowing the cuts to take effect: “This is not an abstraction,” he said. “People will lose their jobs.

Consider immigration reform, one of Obama’s top legislative priorities. With a bipartisan group of senators currently working on a bill – and with the Republican Party looking for new ways to reach out to Hispanic voters – it appears to have a decent chance of passing. But many conservatives have made clear that they will only support a comprehensive reform bill if it makes securing the border a precondition of giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

And beefing up border security could become all but impossible if the sequester takes effect – since it will force big cuts in the number of border patrol agents.”



   As far as we can tell , with the exception of defense and border security cuts , everything else involves cuts to programs that the federal government has no business doing anyway . It would all be better left to the states . Why do we need to send tax dollars to DC so that they can take a cut and then redistribute them back to the states ? In the private sector that is called extortion .

  Remember too that we are not really talking about LESS SPENDING , No , just a slower rate of growth in the spending . And another thing … When Obama says ” sequestration will devastate the economy” and kill jobs , think about how many jobs have been created with his trillion dollar “stimulus” scam . THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS ! Except taxpayer funded jobs and that does not ” GROW THE ECONOMY ” !