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Girls With 6-Pack Abs …

… Hot Or Not ?


hot fit girls

“A president who has had a patchy first term now needs to make a convincing case for a second one”

  “IN DENVER four years ago, an inspiring presidential candidate announced that he would change America. Barack Obama promised to put aside partisan differences, restore hope to those without jobs, begin the process of saving
the planet from global warming, and make America proud again.

  Next week Mr Obama will address his fellow Democrats at their convention in Charlotte,
North Carolina, with little of this hopeful agenda completed. Three million more Americans are
out of work than four years ago, and the national debt is $5 trillion bigger.”

Welcome to New York


  ” Welcome to PS 90, Coney Island, New York, where grade school Principal Greta Hawkins says the patriotic and popular song Proud to be an America by Lee Greenwood is verboten, but the teen sex song Baby by Justin Bieber is perfectly alright for Kindergartners to sing at their graduation celebration. “

John Hawkins too can’t be silent today .

  ” Many of you have probably been
following the Brett Kimberlin saga.
Certainly, if you read Right Wing News regularly, you would have at least seen the daily links that have been going up since this whole saga caught people’s attention.

    Today is supposed to be a “A National Blogger Day Of Silence.” Ace from Ace of Spades HQ came up with the idea in order to draw more attention to this whole issue (Unfortunately, I’ve never been all that good at shutting my mouth; so no day of silence for me). “

In the past , control of the (dinosaur) media meant control of history . No longer . Bless Al Gore and his internet .

“For years, I have been hearing that liberals are the intellectual betters of conservatives. The arguments in support of this claim have never cut much ice—not even the so-called “empirical” ones—but the claim continues to be advanced by liberals with the same smug self-satisfaction they take in assuring themselves that they own a monopoly on tolerance, fairness, and being fun-loving.”

“But no one is suggesting, as Rosker implies, that young people be left to their own devices when it comes to determining which behaviors are healthful and which are not. That is why they have parents whose job is to guide them in making healthful choices. That responsibility is theirs—not the nanny state’s. Which is why Bloomberg’s ban on the sale of Big Gulps is so pernicious.”

The Obama administration’s use of executive power has gone further than the Bush  administration’s toward diminishing Americans’
civil liberties, author John Yoo told The Daily Caller.
  “Somehow the Obama administration has increased the protections for terrorists, while at
the same time reducing them for the rest of us law-abiding citizens in the United States,” Yoo said after a panel discussion on his new book
“Taming Globalization” at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.