A&E Really Wanted To Tell You A Story ’Bout A Man Named Jed







” I’ve been learning more, over the past few days, about Duck Dynasty.

This narrative makes a lot of sense:

  Duck Dynasty is not the show that they wanted, it is the show that got away from them.

  It seems what the producers intended and what A&E envisioned with the show is much different than the show that they ended up with, but they didn’t do anything about it because it was so wildly popular and so wildly profitable. But even with all the money, they have never really been comfortable with what happened.

  This is what happened. The whole idea of the show was to parade these nouveau riche Christian hillbillies around so that we could laugh at them. “Look at them,” we were supposed to say. “Look how backward they are! Look what they believe! Can you believe they really live this way and believe this stuff? See how they don’t fit in? HAHAHA” “



  Who’ll have the last laugh now ? Hopefully the Robertson clan will tell A&E to pound sand .

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