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State-Level Job Loss …

… Since the Start of the Recession



  “Employment in ten states is above their pre-recession levels. At 16.7%, North Dakota has, by far, the biggest job growth over this period, with Alaska and Texas growing at 3.4% and 3.0%, respectively.”


Notice anything about the growth states ? A common denominator ? 


Ed Morrissey

  “Feel lucky, punk? When Republicans chose Tampa as the site for the 2012 national
convention, they didn’t do it for the weather, obviously. They saw Florida as a key to their hopes of winning the presidential election and hoped to make an impact on voters with their week-long argument for Republican control of
the White House. According to a snap poll from Survey USA of 754 registered voters who watched the final night of the convention, they
may have switched 10% of the vote with the effort: “