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The Bodies Keep Piling Up: From Kenya To Iraq Shocking New Images Show How A Wave Of Islamist Carnage Has Signaled A New Era Of Barbaric Terror Across The World



” Somali militants have shot dead at least 48 people after attacking two hotels and a police station in a small Kenyan coastal town hall as locals were watching the World Cup.

  The attack in Mpeketoni, which is about 30-miles southwest of the tourist centre of Lamu, came at the end of a weekend of bloodshed that has exposed the world to the shocking depravity of terrorists who appear emboldened by each other’s acts.

  The string of bloodthirsty atrocities, spanning two continents from Kenya to Iraq, has raised the spectre of a new era of barbaric terror that is sweeping the globe.”




   How ironic that we come across this Daily Mail story on the rise of Islamist terror immediately after publishing one of our own .



Iraq: Images of Iraqi men being rounded up at gunpoint, beaten, herded into lorries and shot dead in a ditch in the desert by a row of masked ISIS fanatics sent shockwaves across the world




   From Kenya to Iraq , from Nigeria to Syria , from Libya to Afghanistan , the Islamists continue to gain strength , money , and territory . 








Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2658751/Red-Cross-34-die-militant-attack-Kenya-town.html#ixzz34o9hGdbS
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Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Obama Take Can That Pen

Published on Feb 1, 2014

” Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Obama Can Take That Pen &… SOTU, Keystone, Iran, Little Sister “









A Lack Of Trust




    The “if you like it  , you can keep it” promise not only doesn’t have an expiration date , it was never true in the first place . Like Clinton’s assertion ” It depends on what your definition of “Is” is” , the new version of the Democrat’s word games is ” if you like it , you can keep it … if the insurance companies offer it “ . Well now we know that the lying supporters of Obamacare knew all along that the insurance companies weren’t going to be offering our existing policies because the Obamacare rules made these policies illegal and Obama and his mouthpieces knew it all along

    I’m sure all of us of a certain age can remember the above little gem of perfidiousness from the former champion liar of 1600 Pennsyvania Avenue . For those readers too young to remember , it may serve as reminder that weasel words are not the sole province of Obama , but have a storied history amongst our lawyerly leadership .




We Can ” Hope “


  “The main threat to the administration’s cover-up has never been American reporters, almost all of whom are desperately trying to get Obama re-elected. Rather, the danger is that more of the cell phone pictures and movies that were taken by Libyans of events in Benghazi and, in particular, of Ambassador Stevens, inevitably will surface, and will disrupt the administration’s narrative.”

Ed Morrissey

  ” Mitt Romney took a swing at Barack Obama’s “hope and change” legacy today, starting off his
week back on offense. Romney slammed Obama for “falsehood and dishonesty” in his campaign ads, telling Fox and Friends that this
kind of nasty campaigning “may work in Chicago,” but it will fail everywhere else: “