‘Obama Hypocrite Of Century’: Full Interview With Controversial Irish MP Clare Daly



  This is an interview with Ms Daly from July . Watch it , but do yourself a favor and watch her speech at the bottom first . It is a truly inspiring piece of oratory and the world could do well with more people of Ms Daly’s courage that dare to speak the truth .



   And here is the speech that she gave in the Irish parliament during which she dared to speak what very few have had the integrity to do . We certainly have little in common with Ms Daly politically , yet we must acknowledge courage and truth wherever they may appear .




   Ms Daly spares no one in her diatribe … Michelle , Barack , politicians and the fawning press all fall within her sights and all limp away in tatters by her efforts . This is what that tired cliche “speaking truth to power” was intended to refer to .