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Rep. Waxman, Key ObamaCare Architect, To Retire After 20 Terms In Office



Waxman vs The Constitution



” Longtime Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman announced Thursday he will not seek reelection in the fall, becoming the latest architect of the Affordable Care Act to announce his retirement. 

” After 40 years in Congress, it’s time for someone else to have the chance to make his or her mark,” the California congressman said in a statement. 

  Waxman will have served 20 terms in Congress by the time of his retirement. As prior chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he was instrumental in the drafting of ObamaCare in 2009.”










Ezekiel Emanuel: ObamaCare Enrollments Are ‘Disappointing’


Obamacare Architect


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   The brother of Chicago mayor and Obama flunky Rahm Emanuel was the “architect” of Obamacare and that should leave no doubt as to why things have turned out so well so far .  Obviously the two brothers share an amazing lack of competence along with their powerful circle of cronies .