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Britain’s Cultural Problem





Published on Nov 7, 2014

” We’re paralyzed by Islam.

1400 cases of “appalling” sexual exploitation revealed in UK report

UK Christian street preacher charged for offending Islam.

Football fans convicted for tearing pages from the Koran

Ex-soldier jailed for burning the Koran

Election candidate arrested for Churchill speech

My previous video about the Rotherham child rape scandal and the sinister Common Purpose organisation

Rotherham child abuse investigator “had data stolen”

Police put a cap on number of arrests. Dozens of child rapists are still on the street

Back in 2006 Manchester police were told to avoid Ramadan arrests while gang rapes were going on all around them

Rotherham’s Joyce Thacker follows Common Purpose’s progressive agenda

Rotherham Council spent thousands of pounds on Common Purpose training for staff

Common Purpose

A secret society?

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Colbert Tries to Distance Himself From Tweet That Was Based on His Own Words



Ching Chong Ding Dong





” Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert found himself at the center of a controversy on Thursday stemming from a racially insensitive tweet posted to The Colbert Report Twitter account. The well-known satirist  tried to distance himself from the tweet (now deleted) early Friday morning – even though it was almost a direct quote from his Wednesday night show.” MP3 audio here.]

  The Colbert Report Twitter account may not be controlled by Colbert. Indeed, the people behind the account called it “a Comedy Central promotional account, with no oversight from Stephen or his show.” But here’s the thing –  their offensive tweet was based on a line that came straight out of Colbert’s mouth on his Wednesday night show.”



Newsbusters has more on Colbert’s latest foray into the racist humor swamp .










War Eagle !






” The Auburn football team that came within 13 seconds of the national championship last Monday bore little resemblance to the one that huffed and puffed to beat Washington State in the opener or the one that had to score with 10 seconds left to beat Mississippi State at home or the one that lost at LSU.

  Perhaps the most remarkable thing about a remarkable Auburn season was how much the Tigers of 2013 improved day to day and game to game. And as we move forward toward the culmination of the recruiting cycle, offseason workouts, spring practice and finally the 2014 season, Auburn is back among college football’s elite.

  Gus Malzahn, in his first season, left little doubt he is something special as a head football coach. And he has some special players returning.

  Does Auburn have the talent to play for a national championship again in 2014? No doubt, but so do Alabama, LSU, Georgia and others in the still dominant Southeastern Conference. The challenge Auburn players face is to come together and work and play with the same passion that took the 2013 Tigers to the SEC championship and beyond.

  It will be the first season of a new era. Auburn and Florida State finished off the BCS era. We now enter the playoff era. Four teams instead of two will be in the big show. They’ll be chosen by a selection committee instead of a ranking system.”













From The Department Of Petty Controversies: Schools Cancel Halloween




” In the latest example of small-mindedness plaguing our educational system, schools around the country are attempting to ban costumes and candy on what is surely one of most kids’ favorite days of the year. The excuses range from vague concerns about “safety” to specific worries about food allergies to—get this—fears of breaching the wall of separation between church and state.

But whatever the motivation, the end result is the same as what Charlie Brown used to get every time he went trick-or-treating: a big old rock in the candy bag. What sort of lesson are we teaching our kids when we ban even a tiny, sugar-coated break in their daily grind (or, even worse, substitute a generic, Wicker Man-style “Fall Festival” for Halloween)? Mostly that we are a society that is so scared of its own shadow that we can’t even enjoy ourselves anymore. We live in fear of what might be called the killjoy’s veto, where any complaint is enough to destroy even the least objectionable fun.”



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