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Watch Olympic Curling Narrated By Wildlife Broadcaster David Attenborough





” For over 60 years, Sir David Attenborough has captivated audiences with his documentaries, covering all manner of flora and fauna. Now, the world’s foremost wildlife broadcaster has turned his attentions to a new subject: curling. The Winter Olympics’ most bizarre sport is the subject of a playful new video produced by the BBC. “In all my years of exploration, these are the creatures I find most curious,” … “


    We missed this when it came out a couple weeks ago but it’s still a hoot . If Sir David did all the curling announcement it would be the most popular sport at the Olympics . Funny stuff .

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Watch The Sochi Winter Olympics Turn Violent In One Gif

The olympics in Sochi have taken a turn for the worse

Thanks to The Daily Caller

Olympics Has Fallen


” Russian officials cite bathroom surveillance video evidence in disputing reports of unsatisfactory living conditions at the Sochi Olympic Games.  (03:42)”









Sochi Residents Thrown Out Of Homes For 2014 Winter Olympics





” Russian President Vladimir Putin has another problem on his hands with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Word is spreading that many people lost their homes for the games and received next to nothing in compensation.”







” Tatyana Samokhval comforted her mother Valentina Khlystova (pictured above) as the Russian government demolished the family home. At first her husband Sergei and his son-in-law Maxim (Tatyana’s husband) tried to block the bulldozers. They eventually had to admit defeat and watch in pain as it was taken down.

  Nina Toromonyan was forced to give up her home under Law 301, which allowed the government to take over any land and buildings, even private, for the Winter Olympics. The police showed up on October 23 and took everyone out by force if they resisted. “


Gee , Soviet style forced resettlement ? Well it’s not like it can happen here . Oh , sorry , never mind .







The Media’s Most Outrageous Olympic Outbursts



Sochi UK National Healthcare BS



” Sports fans checking in on coverage of Team USA at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia might want to brace themselves for unexpected outbursts of liberal preaching from reporters covering the games.

  Over the years the MRC has documented lefty reporters and writers using the games to celebrate socialist policies, bash expressions of patriotism and even work in jabs against Republicans, like when Bryant Gumbel, in 2006, complained that the “paucity” of black athletes “makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention.” 

  In the spirit of the games, the most outrageous journalists are competing with each other in three events for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. “


    MRCTV has provided a great service by creating this article . It shows the reader how the Olympics has been used as a political soapbox by the media for years in their efforts to push their liberal , statist agenda . With clips from Lillehammer , Beijing , Athens , Salt Lake City , Sochi and more MRC examines the American media propensity to push the partisan progressive agenda even as they bemoan the politicization of the Olympics on the part of Americans in the form of an “excessive” nationalism .

Be sure to read the whole thing and watch all the videos .









NBC: All Visitors To Sochi Olympics Immediately Hacked



The major news networks all reported on the hacking threat at Sochi …


CBS: Sochi 2014: Privacy and hacking at the Olympic Games

ABC: The Other Sochi Threat: Russian Spies, Mobsters Hacking Your Smartphones

Forbes: Mobile Hacking Fears Beset Visitors To Sochi Olympics

US News: Olympics Pose Threats of Hacking, Spying


  These reports , on the other hand , suggest that NBC’s report is exaggerated , if not down right wrong …


Yahoo News: Security expert calls out NBC’s whiny report on Sochi Olympics hacking

Latin Post: NBC’s Sochi Hacking Report Misleading, Says Computer Expert From Report and Others

BSN: NBC’s Ironic Mainstream Hacking Sensationalism ‘News’ in Sochi




Wherein lies the truth ? We don’t know . If anyone can offer us a first-hand report we will be glad to publish it .



HT/Western Center For Journalism

Guiness Tells The Barnes’ Story, Will Get Pulled Today




” “Guinness today released a new ad featuring the heartwarming story of an athlete who gave up her spot in the Olympics to her sister. But viewers will have to watch the ad quickly before it disappears on Thursday morning.

“But the ad must be pulled soon to comply with U.S. Olympic Committee rules that generally prohibit marketers who are not official sponsors from featuring Olympic competitors, according to Guinness. This year’s ad blackout runs from Jan. 30 to Feb. 26, according to rules posted on TeamUSA.org.” “


Guns.com has more







Shooting… Winter Olympic Style




” Biathlon combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. I am in complete envy of A) Anyone who cross-country skis, I tried it once… it was not for me! B) Anyone who can accurately shoot a rifle while cross-country skiing! “Biathletes” are amazingly talented and fit atheletes.

  The physical demands of this Olympic Sport are far above what we would experience in the woods.

  They must maintain top physical shape, superior cross-country skiing skills, and be an expert marksman. What is not to love about the sport of Biathlon!”





” The Biathlon originated as a training exercise for Norwegian soldiers. It was demonstrated in the 1928, 1936, and the 1948 Olympic games, but it did not gain official recognition until several years later because the small number of countries competing in Biathlon could not agree on the rules. “



     The above video is a couple years old but provides the viewer with a good idea of the training involved in the sport of Biathlon . Tough stuff , that , and if you are a shooter you may want to help support the US Olympic Biathlon Team or the Shooting Team .

   On a lighter note the Russians have created a new wrinkle in the sport … Tank Biathlon . Have a look at the video below . 




Published on Sep 3, 2013

” Tank biathlon is a mechanized kind of sport invented by the Russian Military. It is supposed to utilize the complex training of tank crews including their rough terrain passing skills combined with the ability to provide accurate and rapid fire whilst on-route.

  Tanks go on a three-round route of 6-10 kilometers. During the first round crews fire at targets positioned at a distances of 1800, 1700, 1500 meters. The second round firing is at targets imitating an anti-tank mortar (RPG) squad and an infantry unit – these targets are at a distance of 600–700 meters, and must be engaged with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. The third round targeting is at an anti-tank gun and ATGM unit by use of the NSV 12.7mm remotely controlled anti-aircraft Heavy machine gun at a distance of 1200 meters.

  Like in usual biathlon firing misses lead to an extra round, 500 meters long. On the final round tanks have to go through various terrain obstacles, here an error (missed or crashed obstacle) lead to a 10-seconds increment to crew’s final timing.

  The first such contests ran in several of Russia’s Military Districts with final part taking place at the Alabino proving ground on 2013 August 11–17, with crews from Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia invited for the contest.

  On a meeting between heads of Russian Federation and USA defense ministries the American side confirmed its participation in a tank biathlon contest which will eventually take place in 2014. Crews from Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Italy and Kazakhstan have confirmed their participation as well. “

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“Good riddance to the London Olympics”

” If there were a gold medal for vulgarity and kitsch, the closing ceremony of the London Olympics would have won it hands down. And if proof were required that modern British culture is cheap, tawdry, and relentlessly ideologically demotic and frivolous, the ceremony certainly provided it. At least it had the merit, in its flashy
and garish worthlessness, of being truly representative of the nation in which it took place, of its dreams and aspirations if not its everyday reality. Observing it for as long as was bearable, one could not help but think of the title of the late Neil Postman’s most famous book, Amusing Ourselves to Death.”

  “I scrammed out of London a few days before the Olympics began, but after getting an earful on what the locals make of it. On the whole, the residents of that great city would rather the honor of hosting the world’s most disruptive
sporting event had gone to some joint that needs the publicity more — Alma Ata, or Ouagadougou, or Oakland. In 21st-century London, traffic moves at fewer miles per hour than it did before the internal-combustion engine was invented without the added complication of fleets of Third World thug bureaucrats and the permanent floating crap game of transnationalist freeloaders being
dumped on its medieval street plan.
Nevertheless, having drawn the short straw of hosting the games, Londoners felt it a point of honor that the city be able to demonstrate the ability to ferry minor globalist hangers-on from their favorite whorehouse in Mayfair to the
Olympic Village in the unfashionable East End in
time for the quarter-finals of the flatwater taekwondo. “

  Daily Mail

   ” Ticket touts disgrace: Row upon row of empty seats… as tickets sent to foreign VIPs go on the black market
   Large areas of empty seats seen in stadia for the second day running
   London 2012 chairman Lord Coe reveals students and teachers are also being called in at the last minute ”


” Troops, students and teachers are being drafted in to sit in the empty seats to prevent a repeat of the embarrassing scenes.”

Let’s face facts , whenever the “international” community is involved , corruption and unmet  expectations are the norm .

Congratulations Kim

   ” Under a drizzly gray sky, Kim Rhode on Sunday became the first American athlete to win five medals in an individual event in five consecutive Olympic Games.

    She earned a gold medal in women’s skeet, setting an Olympic record and tying the world record by hitting 99 of 100 targets. She also became the first woman to win three gold medals in Olympic shooting. “

  ” Kayla Harrison had two goals: win a world championship and win an Olympic gold medal.

She accomplished the first in 2010, winning the 78-kilogram (172-pound) weight class to become the first U.S. woman in 46 years capture a judo world championship. If she reaches her second goal, she’ll become the first American — man or woman — to win gold in judo at the Olympics. ” 

Saudi sports commentator: ‘Allah slaughter me’ before Saudi women enter Olympics

As we all know this is where the real war on women is happening and I find it very telling that the progressives trivialize the REAL obscenity in order to try and score some cheap short term political advantage . But then again they have been shown time and again to be little more than apologists for all manner of abhorrent peoples and behaviors while at the same time trying to convince us of their claim to the moral high ground . 



Girls as young as 9 set themselves on fire with cooking oil


And lest we forget the fire where Saudi Religious Police refused to let firefighters near the school to fight the fire and 14 girls perished . These are the animals the progressives coddle . Scum .


“The 2002 Mecca girls’ school fire happened on March 11, 2002 in MeccaSaudi Arabia. Fourteen people were killed. The event was especially notable due to complaints that Saudi Arabia’s “religious police” (aka the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice) stopped schoolgirls from leaving the burning building and hindered rescue workers because the girls were not wearing correct Islamic dress.[1] As Hanny Megally, Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa division of Human Rights Watch put it, “Women and girls may have died unnecessarily because of extreme interpretations of the Islamic dress code.”