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OMB: Obama Will Become First President To Spend $4T In One Year




” In the historical tables it released along with President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2014 budget proposal this morning, the White House Office of Management and Budget revealed that in fiscal 2016, under the president’s budget proposal, it expects Obama to become the first president in the nation’s history to preside over a federal government that spends more than $4 trillion in one year.

According to OMB’s tables, the federal government would spend$3.7778 trillion in fiscal 2014 under Obama’s budget proposal. It would then spend $3.9801 trillion in fiscal 2015; $4.0898 trillion in fiscal 2016; and $4.2474 trillion in fiscal 2017.

In fiscal 2007, according to the OMB’s tables, the federal government ran a deficit of $160.7 billion. In fiscal 2008, that climbed to $458.5 billion.

In fiscal 2009, the government ended up running a deficit of $1.4126 trillion. In fiscal 2010, it ran a deficit of $1.2943 trillion; in fiscal 2011, it ran a deficit of $1.2995 trillion; in fiscal 2012, it ran a deficit of $1.0869 trillion; and, in fiscal 2013, OMB projects a $972.9 billion deficit.”






White House Report Claims Sequestration Will Affect Federal Department That No Longer Exists





” The first line item on page 121 of the OMB’s September 2012 report says that under sequestration the National Drug Intelligence Center would lose $2 million of its $20 million budget. While that’s slightly more than 8.2 percent (rounding error or scare tactic?), the bigger problem is that the National Drug Intelligence Center shuttered its doors on June 15, 2012–three months before the OMB issued its report to Congress. “

Too Damn Much !

How Much Does the U.N. Cost Us? 

 “Most everyone knows the United States is the largest contributor to the United Nations and its affiliated funds, programs, and specialized agencies. But nailing down precisely how much we pay into the U.N. system every year is no easy task.”