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         Staggering 360-Degree Image Taken 1,776ft Up The Nation’s Tallest Skyscraper Is Released As One World Trade Center Prepares To Finally Open




Top Of AmericaClick Pic To Go To Time's Interactive GigaPic

” The beautiful image is also available online in interactive high-resolution that allows users to pan across the panorama and to zoom in onto landmarks such as the George Washington Bridge 11 miles away and across the five boroughs of New York City and across to New Jersey.

   The 360-degree view was constructed digitally with computer software developed by GigaPan Systems of Portland, Oregon using the same technology as NASA’s Mars rovers.”



      Back in January we featured a post on a GigaPixelArt creation , an interactive panoramic “Easter Egg Hunt” in Seattle that was immediately called to mind by this photo . Check it out .



” The image marks something of a resolution too. Twelve-years on from the destruction by terrorists of the Twin Towers this is a view that some thought would never be seen again in New York City.”




Clean up, recovery and construction: This is the World Trade Center development site seen from the newly opened 7 World Trade Center in 2006 as work on the huge foundations of One World Trade Center began unseen by the public hundreds of feet below ground

Photo: James Leynse

” Over the past 12-years, nine governors of New Jersey and New York, two mayors and thousands of victims’ families all battled over real estate that also needed to be a shrine.

  It took three years of clearing and cleaning for the cornerstone to be laid and another two years after that for construction to actually start.”



Relief: Indeed, for many, this image is a relief. The political and bureacratic wrangling over how to rebuild the 16-acre hole in downtown Manhattan left by the destruction of the old World Trade Center was one that many feared with never be filed again

Photo: Getty Images

    Regular readers may remember our post on the final assembly of the spire or the 9 year time lapse construction video . This is the final product . It’s no Twin Towers , but better than a hole in the ground . I guess . Here are the building by the numbers …



” Building, with observation deck, height: 1,368 feet, the height of the original WTC North Tower

Building, with observation deck and antenna, height: 1,776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed

Base: 200 feet square, the same as the original twin towers

Stories: 104

Total number of steelworkers involved: 10,000

Total amount of steel used in the construction: 48,000 tons

Total number of external glass panels: 13,000

Total square foot of One World Trade Center: 3.5 million square feet

Amount of steel used in construction is enough to build FIVE Empire State Buildings

Depth of foundations: 200 feet below the streets of Lower Manhattan

Number of 18th Century British revolutionary warships found during construction: 1

Final price tag of construction: $3.9 billion

Number of steelworkers killed during building: 0

Height of antannae: 408-feet “



 Lot’s more info and pictures at the Daily Mail 












Stunning Time-Lapse Video Released For 9/11 Anniversary Shows One World Trade Center’s Spectacular Rise Over The Past Nine Years




” A moving time-lapse video released to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks shows the nine-year construction of the 1,776-foot One World Trade Center from the ruins of Ground Zero.

Produced using hundreds of thousands of high definition cameras positioned overlooking the building site, the video was produced by EarthCam and unveils the assembly of the 104-story building which is the tallest in the Western hemisphere.

Starting from the ground and then up, the beginning of the time-lapse shows the cleared area left by the collapsed North and South tower’s become a huge construction site and culminates in the installation of the huge 408-foot, 758-ton silver spire that now tops out the skyscraper.”




As a bonus here is a GoPro video of the spire being lifted into place atop the new building .



Enjoy !









Port Authority Releases Photo Of One WTC Workers At Dizzying Heights


” The World Trade Center has tweeted a photo of its workers placing the spire on top of One World Trade Center tower, at incredible heights of 1,700 feet. 

The spectacular photo, taken on May 10th, shows the brave iron workers installing the final sections on top of One WTC, with New York City sprawled beneath them.”

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Love The View

7 Stunning Photos Of Escalator Hoisted To The Top Of World Trade Center



An escalator by ThyssenKrupp Elevator being hoisted to the 101st floor of One World Trade Center


” Offering a remarkable view of New York City, photos by a ThyssenKrupp Elevator staffer show an escalator being pulled to the top of the new One World Trade Center.

One of 11 escalators to be installed on the site, this piece of machinery dangles high above Lower Manhattan as workers hoist it up to the 101st floor.”