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An Awesome Display Of Monster Truck Handling From 95.5 The Rock





    While we have no particular interest in monster trucks and/or the events that are regularly held for them we chanced upon this video and were awed by the driver’s skill . Be sure to stick with it to the end and you will be amazed as well .

Gunshots Erupt As Orange Sheriff Talks About Troubled Complex



Shots Fired Near Sheriffs Meeting




” Sheriff Jerry Demings was in the middle of explaining the challenges with addressing crime in an Orlando-area apartment complex when something rang out that sounded like gunshots.

“I don’t know if that’s gunfire or what that we hear in the background, but that’s part of the challenges we have,” Demings said.

  Demings and Orange County Commissioner Tiffany Moore-Russell were in the midst of a news conference to talk about Tymberskan Apartments Monday, a complex off Texas Avenue in the Holden neighborhood.

  Tymberskan may be well-known to those who follow crime in Orlando: since the start of the year, there have been two homicides there. Sheriff Demings said his agency averages about six calls to the complex a day — an average of 2,000 calls for service year, over the last four years.”










Report: Agent Who Shot Tsarnaev’s Friend Had Troubled Past




Killed: Ibragim Todashev, 27, was shot and killed by FBI agents in May, more than a month after the Boston Marathon bombing



” A new report claims the FBI agent who fatally shot a friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev has a troubled past that includes internal affair investigations.

  The agent who shot and killed Ibragim Todashev in Florida once worked at the police department in Oakland, Calif. According to the Boston Globe, during his time there, he pleaded the fifth at a police corruption trial. He was also reportedly the subject of two police brutality lawsuits and four internal affairs investigations.

  He retired from the department in 2004 at age 31 and was later hired by the FBI. The FBI and both Massachusetts and Florida officials have refused to identify the officer, citing concerns for his safety.”



    It’s astounding that it took nearly a year after the killing for these details to come to light . How ofter do we hear of an officer being fired/retired for misbehavior/corruption only to be hired by some other law enforcement agency . Disgraceful .

Read more at MyFoxBoston










Large Fish Tank Cracks Open At Disney Restaurant


Disney Fish Tank Bursts


” Several guests were enjoying dinner when a large fish tank broke at the T-REX Cafe at Downtown Disney on Monday evening.

  One of the guests was able to capture cellphone video of some of the incident.

  The large cylinder-shaped aquarium appeared to have cracked open down the side, causing water to gush out into the restaurant.”


AJC has more







Florida Group Offers Free Shotguns And Says It Finds Takers




” Hundreds of Florida residents accepted an offer this week for a free shotgun, the director of the Florida branch of the Texas-based Armed Citizens Project.

A website for the group, which offered one free shotgun per household, said the project hopes to create “gun rich” zones in moderate to high crime areas in the United States to analyze what happens to the crime rate when a neighborhood is saturated with guns.”








Prepare For The Worst



” As the verdict in the Zimmerman trial draws near, I urge those of you living in major cities to be ready for possible riots.  If you live in or around Orlando you need to be especially concerned and making preparations.  As we’ve seen before, when verdicts are handed down there are people who will quickly turn to riots and violent protests if they disagree with the decision of the court.  Orlando police are ramping up in anticipation of the verdict being reached sometime in the next few days.  They’ve issued two statements that in essence say “It’s alright to be vocal, but we don’t want you to be violent”.

There’s good reason for citizens in metropolitan areas, especially in or around Orlando Florida, to be concerned with the verdict being reached.”









” It’s apparent Eliud Martir Montalvo never heard of the old warning about taking a knife to a gunfight.

It was a retired Marine who was carrying a concealed weapon that brought a halt to Montalvo’s alleged crime spree, which included a series of attempted carjackings in Orange County, Fla., this week.

According to WFTV-TV in Orlando, the suspect allegedly tried to steal four cars, one after another, on Tuesday.

Authorities said the attacks all were within a block of one another, and the episode was halted when a Marine Corps veteran, Andrew Koplin, pointed his concealed weapon at the alleged carjacker and kept it there.

Online records show that Montalvo has been accused of kidnapping with a weapon, multiple counts of carjacking with a deadly weapon, several counts of aggravated battery with a weapon, attempted carjacking, counts of aggravated assault with a weapon, battery and battery on a person 65 years of age or older.”







FBI Says Man Shot Dead While Being Questioned About Boston Bombings




” An FBI agent shot and killed a Florida man who turned violent while being questioned about the Boston Marathon bombings early on Wednesday, the bureau said.

A friend of the dead man identified him as 27-year-old Ibragim Todashev of Orlando, a Chechen who had previously lived in Boston, the Orlando Sentinel and Orlando television stations reported. Two brothers named by the FBI as suspects in the April 15 bombings were also ethnic Chechens with roots in Russia’s volatile North Caucasus region.”