CNC Killed The Gun Control Star




” You may have noticed my complete lack of posting about Cody Wilson and his printed gun technology. The reason for that is simple: it’s a gimmick. Sure, printed guns can work, but the question is inevitably “how long?” When it comes to the catastrophic failure of the thermoplastics used in the construction of the barrels and firing chambers, it isn’t a matter of “if,” but “when.”

As a practical matter, with current and near-term technologies, plastic guns are a loser.

That said, some of the emerging technologies that make plastic guns feasible are viable for metalwork as well, and machines like the crowd-funded Othermill means that CNC metalworking machines will soon be  in the hands of people for a fraction of the cost of the plastic printing machines.”




    The other day we posted an article on how the advent of 3D printing was striking fear in heart of the State , and possible ways that they might attempt to regain control . One of the ways  was through the control of the specialized materials required to make use of the “additive manufacturing” technology . 

    Today we happened upon an article by Bob Owens that makes it even less likely that the government can control the home manufacture of firearms and thus maintain some semblance of “gun control”. Welcome to the world of home CNC machining . No need of hard to get or potentially” regulated” additives with CNC . Commonly available raw metals will do the trick .