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Published on Jan 13, 2015

” Parenting in 2015″











 … Put The Eternal Joys Of Parenting In Perspective



Here are a few samples to start your day off with a smile .




10. Basic hygiene… 







16. Sometimes they raid the fridge for midnight snacks…







Kids can be mean …




21. So mean.








34. Their first jobs can be a little dirty.






See the other 36 examples of parental joy at IJR . Have a nice day .









21 Things ’80s Kids’ Did That Would Horrify Us Now





” Now, as a parent myself, my own parents like to tell me I’m too overprotective.


“Well, you survived,” they say. 

“Yep, but it seems like the odds were against me.”

   I write a lot about being a Gen Xer — Here are a few things I did growing up that make me wonder how our generation survived … 



1.  Thinking the middle seat in the front was the best seat because I could get crushed into the dashboard, I mean, because I got to control the 5 radio stations.

2.  Being totally inaccessible – from after school until dinner. Now, we would call that being lost.

3.  Having an equal intake of air: 50% – Oxygen, 50% – second hand smoke.

4.  Thinking that SPF 4 was responsibly using sun block.

5.  Thinking the haze of Solarcaine I was engulfed in was a healthy way to heal the 2nd degree burns I inevitably got from using SPF 4. “

6.  Getting excited when someone had a pick-up truck because that meant the kids got to ride on the flatbed.

7. Sitting on my dad’s lap and manning the steering wheel.

8.  Eating salami straight from the log.

9. Playing on a rusted swing set where that one leg always popped out of the ground threatening to propel into space and then came back with a thud.

10. Helmets? No one wore them and if you did, you were super geeky… protecting your nerdy brain and all.”




    Read the rest and marvel that any of us survived to see the 21st century , and to think that we are from an even more promiscuous age having grown up in the sixties and early seventies … when every boy had a gun and there was no such thing as a car seat . It’s a miracle that there are any of us left at all .









Crazy Moms, Creepy Dads And Why Babysitting The Parents Is Harder Than The Children



” An anonymous nanny has revealed that the ‘crazy’ moms who can’t boil water and dads who hit on her are more difficult to deal with than the children she cares for in the Hamptons. 

The Southampton live-in says that she spends her days being a paid full-time mom to four ‘difficult’ children all under the age of eight years old. 

‘The father is always working so I understand why he’s not around, but the mother doesn’t have a job,’ she tells The Daily Summer’s Eddie Roche. “







Adam Lanza Played Thousands of Dollars Worth of Violent Video Games





” Is there a link between the violence in our society and the violence our children see in the entertainment industry, including video games, television, and movies? That’s going to be a tough one to determine under any circumstances. Either way, check out this new report about Newtown shooter Adam Lanza:

In some quarters, Nancy Lanza, 52 at the time of her death, is viewed as a villain, a gun-obsessed mother who allowed her disturbed son access to firearms and let him fester in the basement playing violent video games while she traveled and enjoyed nightlife. […]

During a search of the Lanza home after the deadly school shootings, police found thousands of dollars worth of graphically violent video games.”

Awesome Dad Makes His Home A Blast For The Kids (30 Photos)


awesome dad makes houses kid friendly 15 Awesome Dad makes his home a blast for the kids (30 Photos)



” One day an epic father decided to give his kids the life he always dreamed of by turning his house/yard into a fun fantasy island resort.”



Don’t Let Outward Appearances Deceive You

Look A Little Closer



awesome dad makes houses kid friendly 25 Awesome Dad makes his home a blast for the kids (30 Photos)

Yes An Honest To Goodness Fireman’s Pole



But That’s Only The Beginning


awesome dad makes houses kid friendly 0 Awesome Dad makes his home a blast for the kids (30 Photos)

From Pirate Ships …




… To Space Ships


awesome dad makes houses kid friendly 21 Awesome Dad makes his home a blast for the kids (30 Photos)




This Pop Is The Tops … You Must See The Rest … Bravo Dad !!






‘ED Show’ Poll: Would You Send Your Kids To School With Armed Teachers?



Armed Teacher Poll



Poll Results As Of 11:53 am Saturday , January 12th

Somehow we doubt that these are the results MSNBC Was Hoping For .


The Hunting Grounds


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