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Daily Video 7.4.14

Paul Harvey: The Signers Of The Declaration Of Independence






     56 men signed the Declaration , and in doing so were branded traitors to the Crown and faced the hangman had the colonies failed in their bid for independence . 

     The late , great Paul Harvey provides us with a little perspective on the Signers and the hardships they endured for the freedoms we allow to be trampled upon and destroyed as we stand and watch . Ponder that as you enjoy your bar-b-que and your boats .

Is ‘Farmer’ The Best Super Bowl Ad Ever?


” This Sunday is the Super Bowl and people are looking forward to some great football and some great ads.”


But can any of them top this one from Dodge and Paul Harvey ?






” Titled “Farmer”, the simple slideshow of pictures scored by a Paul Harvey speech given over three decades ago to the Future Farmers of America (FFA), just sticks with you.

The video is presented here. Will a more memorable ad be presented during the 2014 Super Bowl? We’ll see.”










Daily Quote 9.14.13

Paul Harvey

” One would think by listening to all the propaganda about the United Nations that they are some sort of benevolent, peaceful organization. Never in the history of the United Nations has it stood for anything but killing and violence. They have never kept peace anywhere on this globe. Their sole function is to replace the U.S. military – dissolve all four branches of our armed forces. Their allegiance is only to the United Nations Charter which does not recognize the U.S. Constitution. This body is made up almost exclusively of communists and leaders of the bloodiest regimes on this globe. “











The Viral SooperMexican Creation … And God Made A Liberal




   Since we posted the original Paul Harvey/Dodge ” God Made A Farmer ” ad we’ve seen numerous references to the SooperMexican satire but hadn’t time to view it . Now that we have , we felt we should include it on site even if we are very late to the game ,on the off chance that a viewer or two may have missed it .

The BEST Super Bowl Commercial Of All-Time

Dodge Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial Farmer – God Made A Farmer

And There You Have  The Rest Of The Story: Good Day , I’m Paul Harvey

H/T: The Right of the People