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House Passes Murray-Ryan Budget Deal By Wide Margin




” The budget deal increases both spending and revenue, while technically avoiding tax increases and not touching the basics of the big non-discretionary spending programs. The deal also transforms a share of the across-the-board cuts known as the sequester into targeted cuts. 

  That last bit is a big relief to defense hawks on the Republican side because sequestration has taken tens of billions from the Pentagon budget and was set to cut deeper. However, the fact that the deal would raise government spending above sequester levels has conservative Republicans (and, to hear Boehner tell it, their think-tank overlords) up in arms.  

  Many budget bookmakers think Republicans are silly to complain about such a deal because they have basically won the fight over sequestration, which under current law remains in place through 2021. Under the Budget Control Act of 2011, a second round of sequester cuts landing total discretionary government spending at $967bn were to take effect in January. The Democrat-led Senate passed a competing proposal that would have set spending at $1.058tn.

  The deal splits the difference between those two numbers, capping discretionary spending at $1.012tn in 2014 and $1.014tn in 2015.

The official summary is here [pdf]. “



     Ryan has doomed his chances at higher office and the establishment Republican house has shown that it is no more fiscally responsible than those RINO clowns in the Senate .









Poll: Rubio Drops From First To Sixth Nationally Among Republicans After Immigration Push




” The good news for Rubio fans? He’s just six points back of the new leader, Rand Paul. That’s how open the field is. (And how silly polls two years out from a primary are.)

The bad news? He was at 21-22 percent in PPP’s polls earlier this year, which means he’s lost more than half his support. No wonder he’s wasting no time in making repairs.”










Mark Levin Goes Rounds With Paul Ryan On Immigration Reform



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Senate Democrats’ Budget Includes Nearly $1 Trillion In New Taxes




” The first budget from Senate Democrats in four years includes nearly $1 trillion in new taxes but would not balance the budget.The budget would dedicate $100 billion to economic stimulus in the form of infrastructure spending and job training.”


More union gifts , graft and no balanced budget … 


” The Ryan budget would balance in 10 years without raising taxes and by reducing spending over the next decade by $5.7 trillion compared to the CBO baseline.”








Paul Ryan: When the President Sets Up These Straw Men, It’s Not Really an Honest Debate

Paul Ryan Booed At Inauguration

Ever the classy bunch …

” Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential nominee in the last election, was booed at President Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration today in Washington, D.C.

“If things had gone differently in November, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) might have departed the Capitol on Monday as the vice president of the United States. Instead, he faced a chorus of boos as he left the building to attend President Barack Obama’s second inauguration ceremony,” reports the Huffington Post.

The left-leaning website reports that Ryan attended the Inauguration out of duty. “Ryan announced last week that he would be present for Obama’s public swearing in at the Capitol, calling it his ‘obligation.'”

Jen Rubin-Christmas Gifts For Those That Have It All





” It’s getting late to do holiday shopping, but I’ve managed to come up with the final gifts for politicians and other Beltway types who have so much but may lack a few essentials:

For Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.): Courage to make hard choices and cast tough votes without fixating on 2016. Just lead, already. If you don’t offend anyone you’ll please no one.

For Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell: A perch, a board or an organization to keep him in the public eye after he leaves the governorship and to keep his currency fresh for 2016.

For the White House press corps: Amnesia, so as to forget it is a liberal Democrat in the White House and therefore to become doggedly aggressive, demanding transparency and accountability from a president whom they have demanded neither in the first term. “



Sign The Petition:

 ” We’d like to thank Speaker John Boehner for his service to the 112th Congress but due to the re-election of president Barack Obama we feel the House of Representatives is in need of new, stronger leadership, someone who can and will stop the tide of big government and new taxes proposed by the Obama administration and stand as a firewall to continued barrage of overbearing federal regulation”

Minnesota ? In Play ?



“Some scoff at the idea that Mitt Romney might carry Minnesota, but actions speak louder than words. Both Bill Clinton and Paul Ryan campaigned in Minnesota today. This morning, I put out a call to Power Line readers who attended the Ryan event to send me photos and accounts of the rally. The results were overwhelming; I can post only a tiny fraction of the photos we got, but thanks to all who responded; all of you contributed to what follows.”



Joe Biden confirmed Obama’s anti-
market tendencies.


  ” Moderator Martha Raddatz skimped on the economy in her questioning, letting the two
candidates bicker over the weather in Afghanistan rather than querying them on housing policy, financial reform, or spurring new investments—yet Biden managed to
highlight his opposition to the GOP on all three topics. On housing, Biden castigated the Romney-Ryan ticket, saying that in contrast to the Republicans, “we knew we had to act for the middle class. . . . We
moved in and helped people refinance their homes. Governor Romney said, ‘No, let foreclosures hit the bottom.’” Ryan took a pass on this provocation, though it was an opening for him. He should have said: Yes, that is our position, and we’re proud of it because it worked. He could have asked:
Would Obama and Biden prefer that home prices remain at unsustainable bubble-era levels, shutting young families who want to
avoid a mountain of debt out of the
marketplace? “

Study: ABC, CBS & NBC Hype Romney’s ‘Binders’ Over Biden’s ‘Bullets’ by 11 to 1 Margin

“The Big Three networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) gave the faux furor over Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” statement in Tuesday’s debate a whopping 22 mentions through Friday morning. Yet when Vice President Joe Biden, on Thursday, told an audience member that Republican  “young guns” like Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan had “bullets” aimed at him the networks delivered just a scant two total mentions (on NBC and CBS, ABC skipped the gaffe entirely.)”


In case you missed “Uncle Joe” ‘s remarks …


NewsBusted 10/16/12

Video Caption

Ryan, Biden — and JFK

” Congressman Ryan: You can cut tax rates by 20% and still preserve these important preferences for middle-class taxpayers.
Vice President Biden: Not mathematically possible.
Mr. Ryan: It is mathematically possible. It’s been done before. It’s precisely what we’re proposing.
Mr. Biden: It has never been done before.
Mr. Ryan: It’s been done a couple of times, actually.
Mr. Biden: It has never been done before.
Mr. Ryan: Jack Kennedy lowered tax rates, increased growth. Ronald Reagan…
Mr. Biden: Oh, now you’re Jack Kennedy?
Mr. Ryan: Ronald Reagan — Republicans and Democrats…
Mr. Biden: This is amazing.
Mr. Ryan: Republican and Democrats have worked together on this.”



  “Rep. Paul Ryan, the avid hunter who is Mitt Romney’s running mate, is warning that President Obama in a second term will advocate for gun control, one of his passions before running for president in 2008.

“What I worry about as a hunter, as a person who believes in the Second Amendment, as a gun owner, is knowing that President Obama – in his earlier career, prior to his presidency – was an advocate for gun control. I worry about what his attitude will be once he never has to face voters again,” Ryan, a Wisconsin bow hunter, told Outdoor Life.

“That to me is a concern just as a gun owner, that this is somebody who has a history of being hostile to the Second Amendment. He hasn’t, for political reasons I believe, done much to go after the Second Amendment, but his history, his party, lead me to be concerned about what he would be like in a second term,” he added”

He should be in jail 

 “Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan agrees with presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s call for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign, or for President Barack Obama to fire him, over Operation Fast and Furious, a Ryan spokesman told The Daily Caller.

“The congressman agrees with the governor,” Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck told TheDC on Sunday, referring to Mitt Romney’s call for Holder’s resignation or termination over the gunwalking scandal last December.”

Being booed by AARP is a badge of

” I haven’t written much lately about the insurance sales organization doing business as a senior citizens advocacy group using the name AARP.

  You have AARP, among other corporate sell-outs, to thank for Obamacare, as I posted in 2009-2010:

When Will AARP, Consumers Union
and AMA Be Held To Account for
Obamacare? AARP Rides To Obamacare’s Rescue, Again Alphabet Soup of Health Care
Delusions AARP and Consumers Union Should Put Their Money Where Their Pro-Tax Mouths Are
AARP Prepares To Sell Out Seniors
AARP Shills for Kennedy

  So Paul Ryan being booed by an
organization which has caused so much damage to our economy and our health care system should be viewed as a badge of honor.”

Video at the link .

… Crowd Roars Back “

” Hecklers interrupted GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan three times today at the 2012 Values Voter Summit. The crowd roared to his defense by chanting “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” “


“The country’s political class frets that Americans don’t understand how good this president has been.”

  “Something interesting happened to political journalism on the night of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s speech at the GOP National Convention. After months and even years of grumbling that, as Grist‘s David Roberts tidily put it this summer, “The left’s gone left but the right’s gone nuts,” mainstream journalists and self-described “fact-checkers” declared that Ryan had crossed over some brand new threshold for un-truthiness, and that they were no longer going to stand idly by and pretend that both major parties were equally prone to telling lies.”


“4 Ways the GOP Convention Can Win it for Romney”

   ” The issues that voters care most about in poll after poll this cycle are the economy, job creation, and federal budget deficits that will
once again exceed a trillion dollars for the fourth year in a row. Providentially, the Republican ticket has an enormous level of credibility on these issues, with
Mitt Romney’s long track record of
private-sector success and Paul Ryan’s record of offering specific budgetary reform.

  Republicans have an opportunity to speak directly to voters on these issues, which will also highlight how the Obama campaign has avoided addressing them at all. “