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USS Arizona’s Oldest Survivor Dies At 100


Joe Langdel was born in 1914, the same year work started



” Joe Langdell was working as a junior accountant in Boston when he got the idea that he should join the Navy and go to sea. It was 1940 and America edged closer every day to joining the war that raged in Europe.

  After proving his sea legs on the battleship New York, Langdell signed up. His college degree earned him a place in an officers’ training program. In March 1941, newly commissioned as an ensign, he reported for his first assignment: The USS Arizona, stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

  By the end of the year, the mighty Arizona lay shattered beneath the harbor, sunk by Japanese bombers in the Dec. 7 attack that finally propelled the United States into World War II.

  Langdell survived the attack at Pearl Harbor, along with 334 other Arizona crewmen, and devoted much of his later years to preserving the memory of a day that changed history.

” The lesson I’ve learned from that experience is that the 1,177 men entombed on the ship right now will never know the love of a wife or the joy of grandchildren,” he said in 2006, when his son, Ted, interviewed him on video at Pearl Harbor. “We all have to remember that they did not die in vain.”

  Langdell died early Wednesday in a skilled nursing center in Yuba City, Calif. He was 100, the oldest living survivor of the Arizona. With his passing, just eight crewmen from the mighty battleship remain.”


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Today In The Past

Today Is The 73nd Anniversary Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor 



43 BC – Marcus Tullius Cicero (b. 106 BC), Roman orator and politician assassinated.






185 – Emperor Lo-Yang, China sees supernova (MSH15-52)

1354 – Margaretha van Bavarian’s son earl Willem V signs peace treaty

1696 – Connecticut Route 108, one of the oldest highways in the U.S. is completed to Trumbull.

1724 – Tumult of Thorn – religious unrest was followed by the execution of nine Protestant citizens and the mayor of Thorn (Toruń) by Polish authorities.

1732 – The Royal Opera House opens at Covent Garden, London.

1783 – William Pitt Jr (24) becomes British Premier

1787 – Delaware becomes 1st state to ratify constitution




1808 – James Madison elected 4th US President and George Clinton Vice-President






1836 – Martin Van Buren elected 8th president






1862 – Battle of Hartsville, TN

1862 – Battle of Prairie Grove, AR

1864 – Skirmish at Ebenezer Creek/Cypress Swamp, Georgia

1868 – Jesse James gang robs bank in Gallatin Missouri, kills 1

1872 – HMS Challenger sets sail on 3½ year world oceanographic cruise

1877 – Thomas A Edison demonstrates the gramophone

1891 – 52nd Congress (1st to appropriate $1 billion) holds 1st session

1895 – Battle at Amba Alagi: Abyssinians beat Italian armies

1900 – Max Planck, in his house at Grunewald, on the outskirts of Berlin, discovers the law of black body emission.

1911 – Natl Hockey Association forms with New Westminister, Vancouver & Victoria

1917 – US becomes 13th country to declare war on Austria during World War I

1926 – Gas refrigerator patented

1932 – 1st gyro-stabilized vessel to cross Atlantic arrives in NY




1934 – Wiley Post discovers jet stream







1937 – Red Sox acquire the contract of 19-year-old Ted Williams

1939 – Lou Gehrig, 36, is elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame

1940 – North Africa: British counter offensive under general O’Connor

1940 – The first prototype Fairey Barracuda flew

1941 – Futshida’s air fleet passes coastline of Oahu

1941 – German siege of Tobruk after 8 months ends





1941 – Japanese attack Pearl Harbor (a date that will live in infamy)


















1941 – Nacht & Nebel Erlass, resistance fighter sent to concentration camps

1941 – 1st Japanese submarine sunk by a US ship (USS Ward)

1944 – Convention on International Civil Aviation drawn up in Chicago

1944 – General Radescu forms Romanian government

1945 – Microwave oven patented

1946 – Fire at Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta, kills 119

1949 – 15th Heisman Trophy Award: Leon Hart, Notre Dame (E)

1949 – Chiang Kai-shek flees to Taiwan

1953 – Israel’s PM Ben-Gurion retires

1955 – Clement Attlee resigns as chairman of England’s Labour Party

1963 – Instant replay is used for the first time in a Army-Navy game.

1966 – A fire at an army barracks in Erzurum, Turkey kills 68 people.

1967 – Otis Redding records “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”

1968 – M Dodd returns a library books his Great grandfather took out in 1923

1968 – Orbiting Astronomical Observatory 2 launched into Earth orbit




1972 – Apollo 17 (US), final manned lunar landing missionlaunched






1972 – Philippine’s 1st lady Imelda Marcos stabbed & wounded by an assailant

1973 – Wings release “Band on the Run”

1975 – Archbishop Makarios returns Cyprus

1975 – Indonesian army occupies East Timor

1978 – Islander’s Mike Bossy’s 1st career hat trick

1981 – Spain becomes a member of the NATO

1982 – In Texas, Charles Brooks, Jr. becomes the first person to be executed by lethal injection in the US.

1985 – 51st Heisman Trophy Award: Bo Jackson, Auburn (RB)

1986 – Pres Jean-Claude Duvalier flees Haiti

1987 – 43 die in Pacific Southwest Airline crash in California (man shot pilots)

1987 – Gorbachev arrives in US for a summit meeting

1987 – Palestinian uprising against Israel in West Bank

1988 – 6.9 earthquake in Spitak, Armenia (>25,000 killed, 5,000,000 homeless)

1988 – Mikhail Gorbachev cheered by Wall St crowds upon arrival in NYC

1988 – Rangers sign free-agent pitcher Nolan Ryan to a one-year contract

1991 – A J Kitt, US, wins World Skiing Cup

1992 – Galileo spacecraft passes North Pole of Moon (Peary Crater)

1993 – The Long Island Rail Road massacre: Passenger Colin Ferguson murders six people and injures 19 others on the LIRR in Nassau County, New York.

1994 – Radio personality Howard Stern talks a man out of attempting suicide

1995 – US space probe Galileo begins orbiting Jupiter

1999 – The RIAA files a lawsuit against the Napster file-sharing client, on charges of copyright infringement.

2005 – Rigoberto Alpizar, a passenger on American Airlines Flight 924 who allegedly claimed to have a bomb, is shot and killed by a team of US federal air marshals at Miami International Airport.

2007 – The Hebei Spirit oil spill began in South Korea after a crane barge being towed by tug collided with the very large crude carrier, Hebei Spirit.




521 – Saint Columba, Irish Christian missionary to Scotland (d. 597)

903 – Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi, Persian astronomer (d. 986)

967 – Abu Sa’id ibn Aboa al-Chair, Persian mystic

1302 – Azzone Visconti lord of Milan (d. 1339)

1545 – Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, consort of Mary I of Scotland (d. 1567)

1598 – Giovanni Bernini, Naples, Kingdom of Naples, baroque sculptor (St Teresa in Ecstasy), (d. 1680)




1754 – Jack JouettAmerican patriot






1761 – Madame [Marie Grosholtz] Tussaud, Strasbourg, France, created wax museum, (d. 1850)

1764 – Claude Victor-Perrin, duc de Belluno, French marshal (d. 1841)

1801 – Johann Nepomuk Nestroy, Austrian actor (Judith und Holofernes)

1810 – Josef Hyrtl, Austrian anatomist (d. 1894)

1823 – Leopold Kronecker, German mathematician (Tensor of Kronecker)

1847 – James Deacon White, Canton NY, ball player jumped teams in 1876 (Chi)

1847 – Solomon Schechter, US Talmudic scholar/Jewish leader

1873 – Willa Cather, US, author (My Antonia)

1888 – Hamilton Fish, US congress leader/isolationist

1888 – Matthew Heywood Campbell Broun, 1st pres of American Newspaper Guild

1889 – Heathcote Dicken Statham, composer

1901 – A F [Tony] Pugsley, British rear-admiral (Walcheren attack (1944))

1903 – Danilo Blanuša, Croatian mathematician (d. 1987)

1905 – Gerard Kuiper, Dutch/US astronomer (moons of Uranus, Neptune)

1906 – George Richard James, saxophonist




1910 – Louis PrimaNew Orleans LouisianaAmerican musician (That Old Black Magic)


Just a Gigolo & I Ain’t Go Nobody

Banana Split for My Baby

That Old Black Magic with Keely Smith

I Wan’na Be Like You



1915 – Brackett Hamilton Leigh, [Douglass], US, sci-fi author (Ginger Star)

1915 – Eli Wallach, Bkln NY, actor (Magnificent 7, Misfits, People Next Door)

1920 – Fiorenzo Magni, Italian cyclist, (d. 2012)

1920 – Tatamkulu Afrika, South African poet and writer (d. 2002)

1921 – Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Indian spiritual leader

1923 – Ted Knight, Terryville, Connecticut, American actor (Mary Tyler Moore, Too Close for Comfort)

1924 – John Love, Zimbabwean Formula One driver (d. 2005)

1925 – Hernando da Silva Ramos, Brazilian racing driver

1926 – Victor Kermit Kiam II, CEO (Remington shavers)/NFL owner (Patriots)

1928 – Noam Chomsky, linguist (founded transformational grammar)

1932 – Ellen Burstyn, Detroit, actress (Exorcist, Alice Doesn’t Live Here)




1942 – Harry ChapinNYCAmerican rock vocalist (TaxiCat’s in the Cradle)





Cat’s in the Cradle

All My Life’s a Circle





1947 – Johnny Bench, baseball catcher (Reds)




1949 – Tom WaitsCaliforniarocker/song writer (Blue Valentine)


Heart Attack and Vine

Eggs And Sausage

Ol ’55

Big Joe and Phantom 309





1954 – Mark Hofmann, American forger and bomber

1955 – Priscilla Barnes, Ft Dix NJ, actress (License to Kill, 3s Company)

1956 – Larry Bird, West Baden, Indiana, NBA star (Boston Celtics, 12-time NBA All Star)

1957 – Rohan Jayasekera, cricketer (one Test Sri Lanka v Pakistan 1982)

1957 – Tom Winsor, British lawyer and economic regulator

1958 – Rick Rude, American professional wrestler (d. 1999)

1962 – Grecia Colmenares, Italian entertainer

1964 – Peter Laviolette, Norwood Mass, US hockey defenseman (Olympics-1994)

1964 – Roberta Close, Brazilian model

1964 – Tadao Uematsu, Japanese racing driver

1966 – C Thomas Howell, LA California, actor (Red Dawn, Tank, Soul Man)

1966 – Shinichi Itoh, Japanese motorcycle racer

1967 – Vaclav Chalupa, Czechoslovakia, rower (Henley Royal Regatta 1989)

1968 – Cammy Myler, Plattsburgh NY, luger (Olympics-1994)

1968 – Melissa Iverson, Anoka Minn, rower (Olympics-96)

1971 – Ben Atkins, NYC, fencer-epee (Olympics-96)

1971 – Vladimir Akopian, Armenian chess player

1972 – Hermann Maier, Austrian skier

1974 – Annette Salmeen, 200m butterfly/800m freestyle relay (Olympics-96)

1974 – Nicole Appleton, Canadian-born singer

1974 – Kang Full, South Korean webcomic artist

1976 – Vanessa Lorenzo, Spanish fashion model

1977 – Fernando Vargas, Oxnard Ca, welterweight boxer (Olympics-96)

1984 – Robert Kubica, the first Polish Formula One racing driver

1987 – Aaron Carter, American singer and actor




983 – Otto II the Red, German king/emperor (973-83), dies at about 28

1672 – Richard Bellingham, English-born Massachusetts colonial magistrate (b. 1592)

1775 – Charles Saunders, British admiral

1793 – Joseph Bara, French revolutionary (b. 1780)




1815 – Michel NeyFrench marshal (Waterloo), murdered at 46






1817 – William BlighBritish naval officer of “Bounty” famedies at 63






1842 – Thomas Hamilton, Scottish writer (b. 1789)

1862 – Sylvester Churchill, US Union brig-general, dies




1894 – Ferdinand de LessepsFrench engineer/diplomat/earl, dies at 89(see UE 11/17 Events , Suez Canal)






1902 – Thomas Nastpolitical cartoonistdies








1906 – Élie Ducommun, Swiss journalist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1833)





Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941



A Day That Will Live In Infamy




1941 – Mervyn S. BennionUnited States Navy CaptainMedal of Honor recipient, killed in Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (b. 1887)




Army Medal of Honor





1941 – Herbert C. JonesUnited States NavyMedal of Honor recipientkilled in Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (b. 1918)






Army Medal of Honor






1941 – Thomas J. ReevesUnited States NavyMedal of Honor recipientkilled in Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (b. 1895)






Army Medal of Honor






1941 – Franklin Van ValkenburghUnited States NavyMedal of Honor recipientkilled in Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (b. 1888)



Army Medal of Honor











1947 – Tristan Bernard, French playwright and novelist (b. 1866

1960 – Clara Haskil, Swiss pianist (b. 1895)

1969 – Eric Portman, actor (Naked Edge), dies from heart ailment at 66




1970 – Rube GoldbergUS cartoonist (Mike & IkePulitzer 1948), dies at 87










1975 – Thornton N Wilder, US writer (Bridge of San Luis Rey), dies at 78

1978 – Alexander Wetmore, American ornithologist (b. 1886)

1982 – Charlie Brooks Jr, convicted murderer became 1st US prisoner to be executed by lethal injection, at a prison in Huntsville, Texas

1983 – Edgar Graham, member of N Ireland Assembly, shot dead by IRA




1984 – Lee Roy YarbroughAmerican racecar (Nascardriver (b. 1938)






1985 – Potter Stewart, 94th Supreme Court Justice (1958-81), dies in NH at 70

1985 – Robert Graves, English writer/poet (King Jesus), dies at 90

1988 – Peter Langan, Irish restaurateur (Langans London), dies in fire

1989 – William Calhoun, professional wrestler (b. 1934)

1990 – Delecta “Dee” Clark, US singer (Raindrops), dies at 52

1992 – Vincent Gardenia, actor (Moonstruck, LA Law), dies at 71

1996 – Eugene Izzi, mystery writer, hangs himself at 43

1997 – Billy Bremner, Scottish former footballer (b. 1942)

2001 – Charles McClendon, LSU Tigers head football coach (b. 1923)

2004 – Jay Van Andel, co-founder and former chairman of Amway (b. 1924)

2005 – Lucy d’Abreu, was the oldest living person in the United Kingdom from April 2004 until her death (b. 1892)

2005 – Rigoberto Alpizar, airplane passenger fatally shot by U.S. Air Marshals after allegedly claiming he had placed a bomb aboard (b. 1961)




2006 – Jeanne KirkpatrickAmerican ambassador (b. 1926)






2010 – Elizabeth Edwards, American lawyer and wife of John Edwards (b. 1949)

2011 – Harry Morgan, American actor (Colonel Potter-M*A*S*H) dies at 96















Adm. Nimitz’s WWII Diary Posted Online



” The U.S. Naval War College released a trove of World War II information Monday by posting online the operational diary kept by the Pacific commander, Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, during the war against Japan.

  The 4,000-page multivolume collection includes a running summary of the situation for every day of the war in the Pacific compiled by Nimitz’s planning staff. It is the only known similar document to survive from the war, said Prof. John Hattendorf, who teaches maritime history at the Naval War College in Newport, R.I.

  The diary begins on Dec. 7, 1941, the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, with the line: “The war opened with the attack of Japanese aircraft on Oahu.” It goes on to list the locations of the Navy’s forces throughout the Pacific, the damage sustained that day and what is known about the enemy’s position.



By way of the Navy we provide you with some biographical detail on the great admiral …



” Chester William Nimitz was born on 24 February 1885, near a quaint hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas built by his grandfather, Charles Nimitz, a retired sea captain. Young Chester, however, had his sights set on an Army career and while a student at Tivy High School, Kerrville, Texas, he tried for an appointment to West Point. When none was available, he took a competitive examination for Annapolis and was selected and appointed from the Twelfth Congressional District of Texas in 1901.

  He left high school to enter the Naval Academy Class of 1905. It was many years later, after he had become a Fleet Admiral that he actually was awarded his high school diploma. At the Academy Nimitz was an excellent student, especially in mathematics and graduated with distinction — seventh in a class of 114. He was an athlete and stroked the crew in his first class year. The Naval Academy’s yearbook, “Lucky Bag”, described him as a man “of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows.”



We are pleased to provide our readers with a short biographical film of the Admiral from the National Archives .






Here is a synopsis of his career promotions and decorations…




” Graduated from the Naval Academy – Class of 1905
Ensign – 07 Jan. 1907
Lieutenant (junior grade) – 31 Jan. 1910
Lieutenant – 31 Jan. 1910
Lieutenant Commander – 29 Aug. 1916
Commander – 8 March 1918
Captain – 02 June 1927
Rear Admiral – 23 June 1938
Vice Admiral – Not held – promoted directly to Admiral
Admiral – 31 Dec. 1941
Fleet Admiral – 19 Dec. 1944


Distinguished Service Medal with two gold stars
Army Distinguished Service Medal
Silver Lifesaving Medal
Victory Medal with Escort Clasp
American Defense Service Medal
Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
World War II Victory Medal
National Defense Service Medal”


    Admiral Nimitz was a genius who understood the importance of sea power and it’s direct relationship to trade . He was the author of a very important essay “ Who Commands Sea – Commands Trade” in which he lays out the case for sea power that is studied to this day .


   The diaries themselves are now available for viewing from the Naval War College under the title Nimitz Graybook . Here is a screenshoot of the title page . All of the writings are available for download in PDF format . This is truly an historic release and all WWII buffs should be in heaven with this newly available material and now they can enjoy a recounting of the Pacific war day by day from December 7, 1941 right up to the surrender of Japan .



Nimitz Graybook



In closing we offer you this documentary of the great admiral’s namesake , CVN 68 , the USS Nimitz .














Pearl Harbor Mega Gallery



Pearl Harbor as viewed from space.

Image Credit: NASA

” Pearl Harbor as viewed from space.”




An aerial view of the U.S. Naval Operating Base, Pearl ...

Image Credit: USN


” An aerial view of the U.S. Naval Operating Base, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, looking southwest on 30 October 1941. Ford Island Naval Air Station is in the center, with the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard just beyond it, across the channel.”





See them all at Military.com









Common Core Aligned Curriculum and Pearl Harbor. Missouri House Education Committee: Please Read





” From Terrence Moore and A Textbook That Should Live in Infamy: The Common Core Assaults World War II:

 If you want to understand Common Core aligned curriculum in action, Moore deconstructs the method of close reading and how American history is now taught to students:

  There is more than a little sophistry taking place here: an alarming superficiality and political bias that pervades all the Common Core textbooks (as I have illustrated in my book The Story-Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core). There is no reading in this chapter ostensibly devoted to World War II that tells why America entered the war. There is no document on Pearl Harbor or the Rape of Nanking or the atrocities committed against the Jews or the bombing of Britain. The book contains no speech of Winston Churchill or F.D.R. even though the reading of high-caliber “informational texts” is the new priority set by the Common Core, and great rhetoric has always been the province of an English class. There is not a single account of a battle or of American losses or of the liberation of Europe. The editors do not balance Jarrell’s poem with the much more famous war song “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” that ends with the line, “And we’ll all stay free!” The rest of this chapter consists in a poster of a junk rally to gather metals for the making of munitions, a New York Times editorial, and a political cartoon penned by Dr. Seuss (who supported the war). There is not a single document or sentence in the chapter that would make a young reader consider the Axis Powers anything other than “enemies” in quotes.Essentially, all of World War II has been reduced to dropping the bomb and consequently, we are led to believe, America’s inhumanity. In short, the entire presentation of the Second World War is not an exercise in critical thinking; nor will it make students “college and career ready.” This is not teaching. It is programming, pure and simple.”




Common Core = Leftist revisionism = indoctrination = brainwashing = typical public school education = SHAME

Read the whole thing including the links








Pearl Harbor – Dec. 7, 1941 – The Only Color Film Of The Attack




Published on Dec 6, 2012

” NOTE: This is all original color film, not B&W that has been colored, or stock footage made by a studio. This is the only known real color film of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

This COLOR footage of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was shot by CWO4 Clyde Daughtry. The original footage has since been lost, and the poor quality of this footage is due to the fact that it is a copy. Among the many valuable portions of this footage are shots of USS Nevada (BB-36) underway and firing back at Japanese aircraft, USS Oglala (CM-4) rolling over and sinking, and USS St. Louis underway (CL-4).

A Zephyrhills man stumbled on an incredible find connected to the Pearl Harbor attacks while purchasing war memorabilia.

John Bolender is an avid collector of WWII memorabilia and recently he placed an ad looking to buy more.

A woman answered the ad offering to sell boxes of old photos for $400.

When he opened the boxes he discovered it was filled with hundreds of photos taken by Chief Warrant Officer Clyde Daughtry, a photographer with the Navy.

Daughtry captured dozens of images on film during the Pearl Harbor attacks. Some of those photos, his journal, and even a flag flown on the U.S.S. Argonne during the attacks were in the box. Officer Daughtry was on board the Argonne when the attacks started.

“Normally, when someone says they have a lot of photographs, a large amount would be a small shoebox full, ” said Bolender. “When we got there, there was at least two footlockers full of photographs.”

The collection also contains several hundred negatives which Bolender hopes to get developed. He said he is excited to see what else Daughtry captured on film.

Officer Clyde Daughtry died in 1995 in Fort Myers.

Bolender said he plans to loan some of the artifacts to area museums like the barracks Zephyrhills Airport.”










Winston Churchill

“To have the United States at our side was to me the greatest joy. Now at this very moment I knew the United States was in the war, up to the neck and in to the death. So we had won after all!… Hitler’s fate was sealed. Mussolini’s fate was sealed. As for the Japanese, they would be ground to powder.”















9 Flattops at Norfolk


Norfolk Holidays



” With the returns from deployment of the carrier DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER on Dec. 19, and the amphibious ships IWO JIMA and NEW YORK on Dec. 20, the piers at Norfolk’s naval base are about as full up as they’ll ever be.

Five aircraft carriers, four big-deck amphibious assault ships, a full cast of “small boy” surface warships, along with nuclear submarines and support ships, are crowding the base, giving a comfortably snug feeling to the waterfront. Similar scenes — although not with the gathering of flattops seen here — are taking place at other fleet concentration areas like San Diego and Pearl Harbor. “


Norfolk Christmas




More Pictures At The Link


Pearl Harbor in Perspective






 ” December 7, 1941 is a date which will live in infamy.  Any unfounded illusions held by peace-loving Americans concerning the intentions of Imperial Japan or its ally Nazi Germany were painfully but necessarily shattered that day, on which our nation was stirred into action before it was too late to stop the threat that the Axis powers posed to us and the rest of the world.


Franklin Roosevelt is universally acclaimed as a good war president, guiding the United States through an unprecedented time of global upheaval.  His domestic policies, however, granted enormous powers to the federal government that it has not since failed to abuse. “


Pearl Harbor (61 Photos)





President Franklin Delano Roosevelt



 ” … December 7, 1941 a date which will live in infamy the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. “

” ( Yesterday ) December 7 , 1941 , A Date Which Will

Live In Infamy “

A Partial Video Of FDR’s Declaration Of War 

The Entire Address In Printed Format 

 ” Yesterday, December 7, 1941 a date which will live in infamy the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

The United States was at peace with that nation and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its Government and its Emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific. Indeed, 1 hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in Oahu, the Japanese Ambassador to tie United States and his colleague delivered to the Secretary of State a formal reply to a recent American message. While this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or armed attack.

It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time the Japanese Government has deliberately sought to deceive the United States by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.

The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. Very many American lives have been lost. In addition American ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu.

Yesterday the Japanese Government also launched an attack against Malaya.

Last night Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong.

Last night Japanese forces attacked Guam.

Last night Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands.

Last night the Japanese attacked Wake Island.

This morning the Japanese attacked Midway Island.

Japan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area. The facts of yesterday speak for themselves. The people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our Nation.

As Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense.

Always will we remember the character of the onslaught against us.

No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.

I believe I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will make very certain that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again.

Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory, and our interests are in grave danger.

With confidence in our armed forces with the unbounded determination of our people we will gain the inevitable triumph so help us God.

I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, December 7, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire.”


The Original Draft :

Entire Address In Audio Format

1941 – Japanese attack Pearl Harbor (a date that will live in infamy)

Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

“A Date That Will Live In Infamy”

1941 – Mervyn S. BennionUnited States Navy CaptainMedal of Honor recipient, killed in Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor


Army Medal of Honor

1941 – Herbert C. JonesUnited States NavyMedal of Honor recipientkilled in Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (b. 1918)

Army Medal of Honor

1941 – Thomas J. ReevesUnited States NavyMedal of Honor recipientkilled in Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (b. 1895)

Army Medal of Honor

1941 – Franklin Van ValkenburghUnited States NavyMedal of Honor recipientkilled in Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (b. 1888)

Army Medal of Honor

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor – Official Site