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From The New TV Comedy Show “The Flipside” Hosted By Michael Loftus





Published on Sep 17, 2014

” Comedian Michael Loftus, host of the new TV show “The Flipside” goes on an extended rant about how people who supposedly believe in the upcoming end of the world brought on by global warming primarily seem interested in just making money for themselves.”



HT/ The People’s Cube



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Zimmerman to be charged with Involuntary Racism

” The Department of Social Justice is contemplating several charges against the racist George Zimmerman for his cold-blooded murder of the post-infant and minority representative Trayvon Martin.Evidence compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of Citizens has found Zimmerman to be guilty of at least several major civil rights-related crimes.

  Having found no sign of racism in Zimmerman’s background, prosecutors plan to file charges of Involuntary Racism in the Commission of a Hate Crime, punishable by up to 20 years of labor in a correctional facility. Party officials believe this is the most appropriate charge based on the FBIC’s report ”

Seems to us there were 2.5 million reasons …





  1. They Allowed Democrats To Pick Their Nominee For Them. A succession of potential Republican nominees -– Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich –- were bright, attractive, and have compelling narratives. Instead, Republican voters (or, at least, enough of them) bought into this Democratic mantra that only a liberal stand-for-nothing Republican can win a presidential election.
  2. Having Nominated A Stand-For-Nothing, He Proceeded To Run To The Left.  That never works! In modern times (i.e.after the Lyndon Johnson era), five GOP nominees who have been PERCEIVED (rightly or wrongly) as “conservatives” all won the presidency. Four who were perceived, rightly, as being moderate (Ford, Bush ’92, Dole, and McCain) all lost. The only possible outlier was Bush ’88, who, frankly, was running for Reagan’s “third term.”
  3. The House GOP Should Have Used The September Continuing Resolution To Frame The Election.  The House Republicans, without help from anyone, could have refused to pass a continuing resolution for October 1 through March 31, unless it barred funds from being used to hire IRS agents to investigate, prosecute, and incarcerate people who filed to pay their ObamaCare premiums/fines. Had that been the case, all of October would have been spent debating Obama’s threat to shut down the government for the sole purpose of preserving the mandate.
  4. Instead, Paul Ryan Came Off The Campaign To Return To Washington For The Explicit Purpose Of Voting To Fund ObamaCare (And Other Obama Priorities). This is similar to when John McCain suspended his campaign to come back to Washington and pass TARP.


The People’s Cube strikes again .

Be sure and check out ALL of the page . The sidebars are just brimming with laughter . 

My personal favorite being this gem : “WH news briefing cut short after Jay Carney’s pants spontaneously self-combust”

This one is a beauty as well : “Study: 99% of Liberals give the rest a bad name”


  The People’s Cube points out the irony of propaganda American Style .

  I understand that we are lied to incessantly by the government and their water-carriers in the media but this bill actually codifies this collectivist practice .

  Feel that vibration ? That is the Founders spinning in their graves .

“The long-awaited Progressive World of Next Tuesday has just gotten closer with the passage of an amendment in Congress
that legalizes government propaganda . What could possibly go wrong with that? It worked so well in the USSR! ”


  Via The People’s Cube we are presented with a rare opportunity into the mystery shrouded early life and ancestry of Dear Leader .

  Follow along as we learn more of The One’s greatness and the fact that the secrecy of his past was really just a function of the man’s innate modesty .


” Robin Hoodie – popular leader of Occupy Sherwood Forest. After a successful career of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he and his wife, Maiden Michelle,retired to a large castle, which they purchased along with about one third of France. ”

    Be sure and read the rest so that you finally know the truth of our Savior’s epic origins . And don’t pass up the comments as there are many more previously unavailible “facts” about Barack that are sure to make you the leader of the watercooler conversations for the next few days .