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U.S. Flies B-52s Into China’s Expanded Air Defense Zone





” Two long-range American bombers have conducted what Pentagon officials described Tuesday as a routine training mission through international airspace recently claimed by China as its “air defense identification zone.”

  The Chinese government said Saturday that it has the right to identify, monitor and possibly take military action against aircraft that enter the area, which includes sea and islands also claimed by Japan. The claim threatens to escalate an already tense dispute over some of the maritime territory.”

  “American officials said the pair of B-52s carried out a mission that had been planned long in advance of the Chinese announcement last weekend, and that the United States military would continue to assert its right to fly through what it regards as international airspace.

  Pentagon officials said the two bombers made a round-trip flight from Guam, passing through a zone that covers sea and islands that are the subject of a sovereignty dispute between Japan and China.”

   The B-52 sortie could certainly be considered provocative by some and as difficult as it is to find common ground with out illustrious leader on most matters both domestic and foreign , we strongly agree with the move as a way to quickly and firmly address the issue of China trying to claim sovereignty where no rightful claim exists . 

   While not intending to take sides on the issue of ownership of the disputed island chain , the fact remains that the sky above them is universally recognized as , and guided by,  the traditional rules of international airspace . This was an absolutely necessary flight that couldn’t have been flown soon enough . The need to nip Chinese arrogance in the bud is imperative and hopefully the sortie was seen as the shot across the bows that Beijing so sorely needed . 

    Of course a more cynical individual (who me ?) might think that this was just the latest squirrel sighting , but let us give Dear Leader the benefit of the doubt a assume he has finally grown a pair … at least until Michelle and Valerie get out the scissors .

Feds: Defense Contractor Relayed US Weapons Info



” HONOLULU (AP) — Federal authorities say a civilian defense contractor who works in intelligence at Pacific Command gave his Chinese girlfriend information on existing war plans and U.S. nuclear weapons.

Benjamin Pierce Bishop, 59, appeared in court Monday to face one count of communicating national defense information to a person not entitled to receive it and one count of unlawfully retaining national defense documents and plans. He was arrested March 15 at Pacific Command headquarters at Camp H.M. Smith in Hawaii.

Bishop gave information to the woman, a 27-year-old Chinese national, after meeting her at a conference on international military defense issues in Hawaii, according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Honolulu. Authorities did not say when the conference took place but said she was in the U.S. on a student visa at the time.”