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Oh to have a few million to spare …

To the Left , truth is what they say it is . How ironic to have not one but two high profile cases of false impersonation at the same time .

Delicious .

   What a difference a few years makes . While the traditional “gatekeepers” find their power , influence and profitability circling the bowl , the new media , embodied by the citizen journalist has donned the mantle of journalistic integrity and run with it .

To the benefit of us all .

Breitbart reports:

“MSNBC’s unofficial web-branch known as Politico, couldn’t move fast enough to dismiss our story about the possibility that as a grown adult, President Obama, or those around him, might have had faked his biography Elizabeth Warren-style. To Politico, of course, that’s not news. The backgrounds of private citizens supporting
Governor Romney, however, elicits all kinds of time, attention,manpower, and publicity from Politico’s wretched left-wingers.”

  In the Left’s collective mind the only limits to acceptable behavior are what the tell us they are and so there will be no inquiry into their fellow travelers but even private citizens who dare to voice dissent are targeted for destruction .
   When they have no cards they toss the table and cry foul . Since 2008 they have exhausted their race trump card and now fall back on the “politics of personal destruction” .

Reeks of desperation ….