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Two Armed Citizens End Armed Robber’s Crime Spree And It’s All Caught On Tape





” About 40 minutes later, Johnson walked into a third pharmacy, located about 23-minutes away from the second, and, once again, pointed his gun at an employee and demanded their entire supply of Percocets.

According to local reports, while employees were gathering the pills, a customer slipped out of the store to go get help.

The employees handed Johnson the pills and he promptly exited the store, but outside he was confronted by two armed citizens.The video shows the citizens walk toward Johnson with their guns trained on him and Johnson complying to their demands by getting down on the ground. The two armed citizens disarmed and detained Johnson until police arrived to arrest him.

Johnson was taken without incident and is facing charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault, however, police are now on the lookout for a second person who they believe acted as Johnson’s getaway driver.”





CVS’ ‘Progressive’ New Health Plan Forces Employees to Surrender Their Privacy






” CVS pharmacies is responding to ObamaCare by ordering its employees to reveal deep personal information or face higher insurance premiums.

The company announced Wednesday what it called “A Plan for Health,” that features a mix of rewards and penalties for employees.

Among the measures, employees must report their weight, body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Workers must also be tobacco free or enroll in an addiction program by next year.

As Yakov Smirnov might say, in Soviet Russia, your pharmacy prescribes YOU.

Employees who refuse will have to pay $50 more for health coverage each month, totaling $600 a year.

In a video released by CVS, a top executive said the plan is progressive and cutting edge. “These changes aren’t just about costs, they’re about us, each of us taking personal accountability for our own health,” said Lisa Bissacia, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. “





  Prepper Tips :How To Get Antibiotics Without Seeing A Doctor

 ” There are currently four ways to purchase antibiotics without first obtaining a prescription. You may drive to Mexico, buy them online, buy them in an ethnic market, or buy them in a pet store. Based on availability, this writer will focus on buying antibiotics in a pet store.

pharmacist explains that it is a bad idea for people to take veterinary medicines but that chemically the drugs are the same as what you would be prescribed by a doctor and purchase in a pharmacy. Amoxicillin, ampicillin, tetracycline, cephalexin, metronidazole and erthromycin are all available online to purchase without a prescription if you buy them as “fish antibiotics”. The aforementioned pharmacist visited numerous pet stores and located most of those antibiotics in the stores, although they were in liquid gel drops or powders. These antibiotics were available in pill form from the chain pet store’s websites “