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You Know What I Love?


Rachel went from this :





” I love it when I see a story about a chick who’s a good role model for young girls.  One who’s not naked on a wrecking ball and licking a mallet like an idiot.” 



To this :





” Take Rachel Washburn, age 25, a Philadelphia Eagles former cheerleader:

  Rachel was an Eagles cheerleader from 2007 to 2009 while she was also a student at Drexel University.  She graduated, joined the Army, did paratrooper training, and has now served two tours in Afghanistan as an Army intelligence officer.  “She’s a 1st lieutenant based out of Fort Stewart, Ga., served as part of a Cultural Support Team designed to attach women to existing special ops units with the express purpose of relating more effectively to local women.”



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Caption The Photo: Eagles OL Evan Mathis Peeing On IRS Building Sign


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” I hope Mathis doesn’t owe any Taxes, because I am sure an audit is coming his way now. He is straight on Instagram flexing,  Bleacher Report captured the photo before Chip Kelly makes him take it down and drink a protein shake (no more fast food at the Eagles camp).”