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The Examiner

  ” Back in 2010, Georgetown Law professor Randy Barnett, who has been described as the legal
architect behind challenges to the health care law, wrote a paper on the unconstitutionality of
Obamacare in which he issued the following warning about the Obama administration’s
taxing power claim: “(T)he government’s tax power theory is far more radical than the Commerce and Necessary
and Proper Clause theory precisely because the Supreme Court has generally deferred to any invocation of the tax power to raise revenue to spend for the general welfare. “

Announcing the Breitbart Awards 

“Breitbart set an example of what any indvidual can do, and showed people that you don’t need to go to journalism school or be a professional to make a big impact,” Erik Telford, the vice president of outreach at the Franklin Center, told POLITICO. “What we’re honoring, and what people are inspired to follow, is his pursuit for accountablity, finding the stories other people wouldn’t cover, and making sure the public got the information they deserve.”


   There is no one more inspirational and deserving than Andrew Breitbart . He has inspired an entire army of citizen journalists and the world will never be the same .