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44 Hilarious (And Some Serious) Christmas Images And Memes






” This will be a relatively apolitical post. Unless something really awesome happens this is my last post until the 26th, so I wanted to leave it on a pretty festive note ūüôā

Merry Christmas! “










Daily News Doctored Front Page Photo Of Boston Bombing







” The¬†New York Post¬†was¬†derided¬†Tuesday for¬†apparent inaccuracies in its reporting¬†on the bombing at the Boston Marathon. And now, its rival tabloid, the¬†Daily News, is facing criticism over an apparent photo touch-up.

On yesterday’s cover wrap, the¬†News¬†ran a photo taken by John Tlumacki of¬†The Boston Globe¬†showing an injured woman lying in a pool of blood while being tended to by a civilian.

But the version published by the¬†News¬†seemed to erase a gory wound to the woman’s leg that was visible in other publications that used the photo.¬†On Tuesday evening, a link to a¬†blog post exposing the manipulation¬†began circulating among¬†News¬†journalists, some of whom were none-too-pleased about the situation, multiple newsroom sources told Capital.”







Best Anti-Gun Ban Cartoons/Graphics



Best Anti-Gun Ban Cartoons