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D.C. Freak-out: Will Immigration Bill Die in House?




” When NBC and Politico say it’s over — unless the beltway establishment is trying to put some Jedi mind-meld over on us — there’s a distinct possibility that it’s for real. As Tony Lee of Breitbart wrote in his article, “RIP: Politico Concedes Immigration Reform Will Die in House”:

Immigration reform will wither and die slowly in the House. So says Politico, the paper that keeps score for the company town that is Washington, D.C.

As Republican House Members get ready to meet on Wednesday to discuss immigration issues, Politico reporters Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei reported that ”Republicans on Capitol Hill now predict comprehensive immigration reform will die a slow, months-long death in the House.” They write that passing a pathway to citizenship now “looks like a pipe-dream.”

Apparently, at least some Republicans got the drift after they were explicitly warned about supporting anything that looked like the Senate bill, or was twisted into resembling it in conference after passage of a sham bill: “







Acrobatic Blue Marlin On The Pipe Dream





” We’ve got a jumper! Ransom Pipes captured this video of an acrobatic blue marlin while fishing on the Pipe Dream in Grand Isle, Louisiana.”