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Magpul Floods Colorado With Ammo Magazines 2 Days Before Gun Laws Kick In




” Two days before Colorado’s new gun-control laws take effect, Magpul Industries decided to mark the occasion by flooding the state with thousands of soon-to-be-outlawed ammunition magazines.

An estimated 5,000 gun-rights advocates lined up hours in advance Saturday to score 20,000 free and discounted 30-round ammunition magazines at “A Farewell to Arms,” billed as a “freedom festival” for those disenchanted with the state Legislature’s aggressive gun-control push.

“We’ve come to stock up on our PMAGs, but we’re also here to send a loud, friggin’ clear message to the politicians of this state: Colorado belongs to us and not to [New York Mayor] Michael Bloomberg,” said Kelly Maher, spokeswoman for Free Colorado, which organized the festival.

The highlight of the event came as a Magpul helicopter landed near the field, dropping off boxes of magazines along with keynote speaker Dana Loesch, a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host based in St. Louis.”








Magpul Magazine Manufacturing Fully out of Colorado, New Products Left and Right





” Following through on their promise to leave the state if Colorado were to pass new gun control laws including a magazine capacity limit, Magpul is shifting their manufacturing out of the state.

From now on, not a single magazine will be manufactured or assembled in Colorado. ”We have started making PMAGs outside CO for the first time ever. The sights are made outside CO. We are actively moving forward with moving other items out.” 

Magpul has not disclosed where they have relocated to, although previously they said they were looking at a neighboring state.

As frustrating as the move must be, Magpul doesn’t appear to be slowing down in any form. They’ve recently announced a commercial polymer AK-47 magazine which we expect to do tremendously well. It will be the first of a series of AK PMAGs, presumably with other calibers to follow. The first PMAG will be for 7.62x39mm cartridges.”