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Shocking Video Shows Man Being Bitten By Police Dog During Arrest







” This is the horrific moment a man is bitten across the neck by a police dog as he lies on the ground. Video footage shows the shirtless man lying face down in the road after he was arrested by police officers.

  The police dog and its handler are directly in front of him, with the dog barking loudly. However, as the police suspect lifts his chest up, the dog becomes more agitated and approaches him.

  To the horror of those watching, it then lunges forwards and grabs him across the neck. An eyewitness can he heard saying: “Oh my God, it’s biting his head.”

  Avon and Somerset Police tonight said it was investigating the incident, which took place in Weston-super-Mare.”


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Oklahoma Woman Tries To Pull Off The Ultimate Concealed Carry



Pussy Pistol



” After being taken into custody Harris begged the officers to use the bathroom, so they let her.  But when she returned they noticed some protrusions from Harris’ private parts, or as court records stated, “Harris’ vagina area.”

Harris tried to conceal her ’5 shot’ revolver in her vagina, and police later found bags of meth stuffed in between her butt cheeks.”





In Video, Collinsville Cop Says He Put Drugs On Random Vehicles To Test Police Dogs



Drug Sniffing Setups




 ” The drugs would be retrieved, but he acknowledges that if the vehicle were stopped by other police later, a dog sniff could lead to the search of a motorist who would have no explanation for the scent.

The video, entitled “Lodging in Collinsville,” was put together by Terrance Huff, who earlier this year created “Breakfast in Collinsville.” It mocked Huff’s Dec. 4, 2011, traffic stop and drug search by Reichert as Huff and a friend passed through on the way home to Hamilton, Ohio, from a “Star Trek” exhibit in St. Louis. “