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Nearly 100 People Killed By Police In First Month Of 2015- Zero Officers Killed By Suspects


dangerous jobs

As this chart shows , policing isn’t even in the top ten of most dangerous jobs .




” The Officer Down Memorial Page, which tracks the deaths of police officers, is reporting zero officer deaths from gunfire in 2015.

Line of Duty Deaths: 13

Automobile accident: 5
Heart attack: 3
Struck by vehicle: 2
9/11 related illness: 1
Gunfire (Accidental): 1
Vehicle pursuit: 1

  In contrast, Killed By Police has logged at least 91 people killed by police in the month of January alone.  At least 1,106 people were killed in 2014, a number which calls into question the integrity of the FBI’s previous estimate of around 400 per year.

  Unlike the independent logging done by Killed By Police, the FBI collects their statistics only from reports voluntarily given to them by law enforcement agencies.  Only around 750 agencies, or 4 percent, out of 17,000 law enforcement entities across the United States offered this data to the FBI.

  Those who prefer to turn a blind eye to police abuse often refer to police as heroes who “deserve to make it home to their families” or speak of the difficulties of a job where your life is perpetually at risk.”



   The Free Thought Project has much more and be sure to view the death toll at Killed By Police which , as of February 5th , numbers 109 citizens dead of police gun fire .















Man Killed By LAPD Said To Be Street Performer With Plastic Prop Knife; Cops Accused Of Planting Real Knife







” Los Angeles police gunned down a man at a busy Hollywood intersection Friday night, claiming he had been trying to attack them with a knife, causing them to fear for their lives, which is why they fired several rounds, leaving his body laying on a corner as shocked witnesses looked on.

  But some locals are saying the man was merely a street performer known as “J” who would pose with tourists holding a prop knife made of plastic.”



hollywood shooting



” The area of Hollywood Blvd where he was killed is near the famous Walk of Fame and is renowned for its street performers who dress up in costumes and play roles to the amusement of tourists. Many of the performers dress up as characters from Hollywood movies, who pose with tourists for photos in exchange for tips.”



Photo by @DailyDraco



” The man shot was said to be impersonating the character from Scream, a 1996 horror movie, about a masked man with a knife who murders teenagers with a knife as pictured below. “


Photography Is Not A Crime has the whole story











Cop Car Crashes


National Police Misconduct Reporting Project




From WJLA:

  They’re sworn to serve and protect. But police officers are not immune to causing harm, especially behind the wheel. An ABC7 I-Team investigation discovered police officers in the D.C. area have been found at fault in hundreds of accidents, causing deaths, injuries and thousands of dollars in damages….

  Some of the accidents also resulted in injuries, not just to officers, but also members of the public. In Montgomery County, which supplied the most detailed and comprehensive records, eight civilians have been injured since 2010 in police-involved accidents in which the officer was classified as responsible. Those incidents include a 2013 accident in which a person was hurt after being struck by an officer who didn’t see them walking through a parking garage.

  The video that details the last seconds of Ashley McIntosh’s life has logged more than 240,000 views on YouTube. But for the Fairfax County woman’s mother, Cindy Colasanto, seeing it just once was enough.

“I can’t even tell you how I felt, how devastating it was to see,” Colasanto said.

  Colasanto fought in Richmond to change laws requiring police lights and sirens after being forced to watch her daughter’s life end on a dash camera. McIntosh was killed by a police cruiser that slammed into her car. The officer had run a red light at a high rate of speed without using a siren.

Good reporting.”


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Is The FBI Underreporting Killings By Police?




Published on Dec 6, 2014

” As the nation focused on Staten Island, Ferguson, and Cleveland in the last few weeks and the relationship between citizens and law enforcement, a recent Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that federal accounting for killings by police may be grossly miscalculated. Wall Street Journal reporter Rob Barry joins Hari Sreenivasan for more on that investigation. “










Eric Garner Could Spark American Spring







” The violent death of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia set off the Arab Spring. Could the killing of Eric Garner lead to a springtime of police reform – and regulatory reform — in the United States?

  Bouazizi was a street vendor, selling fruits and vegetables from a cart. He aspired to buy a pickup truck to expand his business. But, as property rights reformer Hernando de Soto wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “to get a loan to buy the truck, he needed collateral — and since the assets he held weren’t legally recorded or had murky titles, he didn’t qualify.”

  Meanwhile, de Soto notes, “government inspectors made Bouazizi’s life miserable, shaking him down for bribes when he couldn’t produce licenses that were (by design) virtually unobtainable. He tired of the abuse. The day he killed himself, inspectors had come to seize his merchandise and his electronic scale for weighing goods. A tussle began. One municipal inspector, a woman, slapped Bouazizi across the face. That humiliation, along with the confiscation of just $225 worth of his wares, is said to have led the young man to take his own life.”

  Bouazizi was a poor man trying to engage in commerce to make a better life. His brother Salem told de Soto the meaning of Bouazizi’s death: “He believed the poor had the right to buy and sell.”

  It was a story that resonated across the Arab world – a government that stifled freedom and enterprise, unaccountable bureaucracy, arbitrary enforcement, official contempt for citizens, a man who just couldn’t take it any more.

  Eric Garner’s story is surprisingly similar. He had been arrested more than 30 times, for such crimes as marijuana possession and driving without a license, and most often for selling untaxed cigarettes on the street.

  Why sell untaxed cigarettes? Because New York has the country’s highest cigarette taxes, $4.35 a pack for New York State and another $1.50 for the city. A pack of cigarettes can cost $14 in New York City, two and a half times as much as in Virginia . So a lively black market has sprung up. Buy cigarettes at retail in Virginia or North Carolina, sell them at a big markup in New York, and you can still undercut the price of legal, taxed cigarettes.

  Patrick Fleenor reported in a 2003 study for the Cato Institute that New York’s cigarette taxes had created a thriving black market, with rising levels of street crime, turf wars and increasing organized crime. He found that from 1990 to 2002, as the city and state repeatedly raised taxes, New York’s sales of taxed cigarettes relative to the national average plummeted. But reported smoking rates fell only slightly, in line with national trends. Obviously a lot of New York smokers were getting their fix from the black market.

  A 2013 study by the Mackinac Center found, not surprisingly, that New York had the highest rate of cigarette smuggling, totaling 61% of the state’s cigarette sales. “


Read it all at USA Today











Citizens Take Over Albuquerque City Council, Call For The Arrest Of Chief







” Angry protesters took over Albuquerque City Council Monday night calling for immediate change at APD and the ousting of both Albuquerque’s Police Chief, Mayor and more.

  Protesters even called for the arrest and issued a “people’s warrant” to APD Chief Gordon Eden.

“ This is no longer your meeting, this is the people’s meeting,” protester David Correia, an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico, said into a commandeered microphone as shown in the KRQE video below. “We now serve a people’s warrant for arrest on Albuquerque Police Chief Gordon Eden.” “



Read on










Despite Claims Of Danger Around Every Corner, 2013 Saw Fewest Cop Deaths In 125-Years






” We’ve all heard the claim that “action X by a police employee to a non-police employee was justified due to concerns of ‘officer safety.’” One need just swap the position of the people in such scenarios – “action X by a non-police employee to a police employee was justified due to concerns of ‘non-police employee safety,’” to realize that the former is just a blanket catch-all to eliminate any questions about an incident.

  Almost assuredly, corporate media outlets follow that cue. But without a doubt, the family and friends of the police employee’s victim aren’t silenced. And thanks to technology, they’re better positioned to inform others. They stand with a growing number of people who recognize that such misdeeds aren’t isolated. Killers are responsible for their actions, whether or not they don a badge.

  There is a clear pattern of double standards being afforded to those with badges by their colleagues in the supposedly truth-seeking criminal justice system. Rather than waste time trying to advance a “reform” or new “leadership” or the creation of a “civilian review board” or the adoption of “bodycams,” one must realize that the default to cover-up, to be corrupt, and heavy-handed, and even for the “good” cops to be silent about the “bad” cops, is inherent in the very structure of the police monopoly. For more, see: http://copblock.org/library “


Read more at CopBlock










” Cops have killed well over 5,000 Americans since 9/11. Many of these killings have occurred during no-knock raids, which have risen by 4000%.

  Iraqi insurgents have killed around 3,500 Americans in Iraq since 9/11 in Operation Iraqi “Freedom.”

  Afghan insurgents have killed around 2,000 Americans in Afghanistan since 9/11 in Operation Enduring “Freedom.”





”  The police are getting paid with our money to go on shooting sprees and they are killing more of us than the terrorists from whom they “protect” us. In fact, you are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist.

  Domestic violence is two-four times more common among police families than American families in general.”




   This is the most disturbing domestic trend in the US and is a direct result of Federal policies on the “War on Drugs” and the subsidization of military hardware for domestic law enforcement . Innocent people are being killed by our police every week . Radley Balko has chronicled the rise of the militarization of the police in his book :  “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces” and it is required reading . 










Let’s Start By Controlling Police Gun Violence





   We will start by saying that this article really needs to be read by everyone that has an interest in the present gun control debate and to tell you that this information is not anything you are likely to encounter in the mainstream media . 

   That being said we are going to differ from our usual habit of posting a particularly engrossing paragraph in hopes of grabbing your attention . Today we are going to go through the entire essay and present you with some of the more salient facts that we doubt most of you are aware of . 

   In case any of you are unfamiliar with the author , here is a brief biography of James Bovard , a man who has worked tirelessly his entire life at promoting liberty , freedom , limited government and accountability for said State .


Here we go …


” While the president’s strident warnings about privately owned guns evoked a hallelujah media chorus, his administration is scorning a mandate to track how many Americans are shot and killed each year by government agents.”


Hardly surprising , given Obama’s Statist proclivities ..


” The same 1994 law that temporarily banned the sale of assault weapons also required the federal government to compile data on police shootings nationwide.”

Need we mention that this requirement has been completely ignored ? And note that police shootings are by no means an insignificant part of the annual killings nationwide .


” Shootings by police accounted for almost 10 percent of the homicides in Los Angeles County in 2010, according to the Los Angeles Times.”

Fortunately there are people out there who are attempting to do the government’s job .


” Jim Fisher, a former FBI agent and criminal law professor, compiled a database of police shootings and estimated that police in the United States in 2011 shot more than 1,100 people, killing 607.”

   Remember that number 607 fatalities , and that could well be very much a lowball figure since the police do everything in their power to hide the truth .


” According to the FBI, 323 people were killed nationwide by rifles in 2011 — less than 4 percent of the total deaths by firearms.”


   That is killings with ALL types of rifles . The statistics do not distinguish between single shot , pump , bolt action or semi-automatic so it is safe to assume that the number killed by any type of semi-automatic rifle is only a portion of that total . that means that the vilified “assault” rifle is responsible for considerably less than 4 % of gun homicides . Now understand that of the total “death by rifle” nationwide fully 10% of those fatalities invovle the police doing the shooting so that lowers the number of rifle killings NATIONWIDE to 291 … less than half of the people killed by police in the same time frame . 


” Not only do government agencies fail to track official violence against Americans, they also sometimes pre-emptively exonerate all such attacks.”


In the past the Justice Department has classified ALL police killings as “felons justifiably killed by police.” State and local police agencies are no more transparent about police shootings than are the Feds .


” For instance, Maryland police are protected by a “Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights” that prohibits questioning a police officer for 10 days after any incident in which he or she used deadly force. “


That would appear to be the rule as opposed to the exception …


” Investigations of police shootings in Las Vegas (which had one of the highest rates of police homicides in the nation) were stymied in 2010 and 2011 because “police unions balked at inquest reforms, first by advising members not to testify at the hearings and then helping officers file a lawsuit challenging the new system’s constitutionality…”


   That should give you the picture . As you can see the police and the Justice Department are the last one’s we should be listening to when it comes to having an honest discussion of the dangers posed to the public by an armed populace . The ” thin blue line ” is really a code of silence in regards to police accountability . As we said read the whole thing and take everything professed as the “facts” from the State with a HUGE grain of salt .