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‘Man Up,’ ‘Don’t Be A Pussy’ Labeled Offensive Language At Duke University





” A new word-discouragement campaign at Duke University has labeled phrases such as “Man Up,” “That’s So Gay,” and “Don’t Be a Pussy” offensive language that “delegitimizes” homosexuality and oppresses and insults people.

  But as the campaign has gained national popularity, its detractors have bristled at the effort, calling it a politically correct war on words that will stifle free speech and suggesting its true aim is to redefine terms to control public opinion and – ultimately – public policy.

In fact, the “You Don’t Say” campaign creators have admitted as much.

“ Language is a reflection of how we think about others and view the world,” Jay Sullivan, a student leader of the campaign, tells Duke Today. “My goal is to…. help facilitate discussion about how language affects many social issues, from race to gender and sexuality.”

  The campaign consists of a series of black-and-white memes with students posing behind large pledges to avoid so-called offensive language.”


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Vatican City And Taipei Are The Two Other Cities Listed In The World Clock Without A Country In New Operating System



” Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system, like its predecessor, lists Jerusalem without a country.

Jerusalem is one of only three cities to be listed in the World Clock without a country, The Blaze reported this week. The others are Vatican City and Taipei.”










Companies Knee Jerk Reaction To Gun Control Hysteria



Their actions are helpful in informing us where to conduct our future business . Ask Carbonite how well caving supports one’s business model .

Gun Owners of America

There are several corporations and companies that have decided that they will kow tow to the vocal hysteria of the gun control zealots.

Dick’s Sporting goods will no longer be selling sporting rifles at their locations.

Wal-Mart, while saying they will not be changing their inventory has removed the Bushmaster AR-15 from its website.

CheaperThanDirt.com has halted online sales of guns

Even non gun grabbing politicians are backing away from pro gun legislation.  Michigan Governor Rick Snyder picked political expediency over common sense by vetoing a bill that, if enacted in Connecticut, may have saved a number of lives.   The bill would have gotten rid of schools illusionary gun free zone status, thereby not disarming law abiding citizens and teachers from carrying on school grounds.  Considering that criminals and lunatics don’t adhere to the GFZ to begin with, how vetoing this bill does anything for the safety of…

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REVIEW: How Hollywood Butchered A Cult Classic To Appease China




 ” The new Red Dawn remake is a fine example of a number of dispiriting trends in the filmmaking industry. The picture was based on a brand name instead of a heartfelt original tale. The studios mutilated it in order to placate Chinese Communists. And it was served up to audiences that studios assume will eat whatever they are served.

Ever-increasing budgets and declining domestic audiences have forced studios to look for box office success abroad. “Aimed at Bangkok and Bangalore as much as at Bangor,” David Denby recently wrote in the New Republic, “our big movies have been defoliated of character, wit, psychology, local color.” He’s right.

But it is not only the adult dramas championed by Denby that have been sapped of their vitality; action films, too, have seen plot and character sacrificed for commerce.

Just compare the original Red Dawn with its remake.

Made in 1984 for a budget of a little more than $4 million, John Milius’ story of teenage American partisans fighting a Communist invasion in the mountains of Colorado during World War III was a modest financial success, with a gross of more than $38 million.

Perhaps more importantly, the original Red Dawn annoyed all the right people. The New York Times review described it as “technically proficient, emotionally infantile, politically nuts.” The picture, like Rambo, became a cultural touchstone for Reagan’s America. “

Mark Twain on the Anti-Smoking Police

(and Busybodies In General )



” Today’s Wall Street Journal reprinted a delightful five-paragraph excerpt from a 1893 essay by Mark Twain titled “The Moral Statistician.”  It is worth a few minutes of attention because it illustrates how far we’ve traveled from the days when politically incorrect truths could be voiced without fear of condemnation and censorship by the mainstream media.”


   To those of you who , like us , bemoan the endless parade of PC drivel coming from the ” powers that be ” whether leftist do-gooders or the official authorities in DC and the statehouses , it may bring some small measure of comfort to know that this nanny tendency predates us . Leave it to Mark Twain to set the Bloombergs of the world in their place . 



Mark Twain

Mark Twain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



” I don’t want any of your statistics; I took your whole batch and lit my pipe with it.

I hate your kind of people. You are always ciphering out how much a man’s health is injured, and how much his intellect is impaired, and how many pitiful dollars and cents he wastes in the course of ninety-two years’ indulgence in the fatal practice of smoking; and in the equally fatal practice of drinking coffee; and in playing billiards occasionally; and in taking a glass of wine at dinner, etc. etc. And you are always figuring out how many women have been burned to death because of the dangerous fashion of wearing expansive hoops, etc. etc. You never see more than one side of the question.

It won’t do for you to say that you can use it to better purpose in furnishing a good table, and in charities, and in supporting tract societies, because you know yourself that you people who have no petty vices are never known to give away a cent, and that you stint yourselves so in the matter of food that you are always feeble and hungry. . . . “

No Halloween For You

Seattle Elementary School Bans Halloween Costumes




 ” SEATTLE (CBS SEATTLE) – A Seattle school has banned students from celebrating a new holiday this year: Halloween.

Lafayette Elementary School has decided to not allow students to dress up in costume for Halloween this year. And there is still some discrepancy between parents and the administration as to why the ban has been implemented this fall.

The decision was first reported by the district (Seattle Public Schools) as being a preventative measure in the event that Halloween costumes could offend and upset students who come from other cultures. Dozens of parents complained to the school over the measure demanding a detailed explanation. “

  This is insane…. American fire trucks can’t fly American flags on American streets in an American city ?

” The city of Seminole, Florida ordered firefighters to remove American flags from their trucks after receiving complaints from
local citizens. The flags were offensive. ”

   All because a couple of crackpots found the flags offensive ?

   We find it offensive that those people choose to live in our country .