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Middle School Girl With Braces Kicked Out Of School For Cutting Fruit With Butter Knife



” Just when public schools seemed about to stop going insane with their recent rash of zero tolerance policies, a Massachusetts school had to throw itself into the fray. The standards for insane zero tolerance policies are, admittedly quite high. In the past couple of months we’ve seen kids, some as young as five years old, suspended, expelled, or otherwise disciplined for throwing an imaginary grenade; discussing a pink,”Hello Kitty” bubble gun; assembling a Lego gunusing fingers as a gun; chewing a Pop Tart into a gun shape; or bringing in photos of guns.

Recognizing stiff competition when it saw it, Wamsutta Middle School, in Attleboro, Massachusetts, decided to skip the guns altogether and go after knives – butter knives. Yes, a Middle School student was suspended because she used a butter knife to slice fruit into small pieces to accommodate her braces.MyFoxBoston.com reports that “the vice principal happened to be walking by when he apparently saw Morgan with the butter knife, took her to his office, and issued her a suspension.” “



Why Are Our Teachers Telling Our Kids To Be Afraid Of Guns?


Glenn Beck School Guns


” Tonight on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn focused on some of the insane stories making headlines in the news. A kid suspended from school for making a gun out of a pastry. Another teen suspended for wrestling away a loaded weapon from another student. Why are these the lessons being taught to our kids? Why are our students being taught to be terrified of guns and to sit down and wait for first responders when faced with a real threat? Glenn looks at the insanity permeating schools today in a monologue that should leave parents taking a hard look in the mirror and wondering how much longer they’ll allow this indoctrination to go on.”