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Daily Comedy 11.14.14

Toilet Boardroom Surprise Prank





Uploaded on Mar 1, 2011

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As any good boardroom, this one has an adjacent toilet for the convenience of all meeting attendees.

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Clown – Rémi Gaillard




Published on Oct 31, 2014

” On me confond avec une minorité de clowns agressifs qui fout le bordel ! Un peu de poésie… Pour tous les vrais clowns.
Please do not mix me with a minority of so called “clowns” who harass people ! Some poetry for all true clowns…Subscribe for more:

Music : 2 mai 2012 – Rémi Gaillard / Lo panais – Goulamas’k

Rémi Gaillard is world famous for his dangerously funny videos.

Unafraid of controversy, he has challenged the norms and expectations of online video with his creativity!

From bringing Pacman and Mario Kart to life and playing pranks in animal costumes, to taking on the likes of Ronaldo in a battle of football skills, Rémi has done it all and shows no signs of stopping any time soon – his motto is, after all, “C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui”!

One things for sure – once you watch Rémi’s videos, you’ll never look at an elevator in the same way… “











Bachelor Party Bungee Jump Prank Fail




Published on Nov 6, 2014

” Luke thought we were taking him bungee jumping blindfolded on his bucks, poor bloke had no idea! Ha ha credit to Malcolm aka ‘Toby’ the convincing Bungee Instructor “










Zombie Homicide Prank!!





Published on Oct 19, 2014

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Ed Bassmaster –

  What appears to be a homicide on the streets of Philadelphia has innocent bystanders concerned. The victim lying on the ground quickly changes the emotions of these people by popping up viciously from the crime scene as a severely wounded Zombie. Much to their surprise, they are naturally horrified by the situation causing them to tremble, scream, and even flee the scene. At times, detectives lure in the passerby’s with questioning to make the situation more believable. An off duty security guard stood close by to ensure the safety of the public during the prank.

Zombie Makeup by Doug Sakmann – Backseat Conceptions

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Headless Man In Drive Thru… Funny Reactions Must Watch








Just in time for Halloween … 













Mutant Giant Spider Dog







” Chica the DogSpider has a fanpage!
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Killer Clown Returns Scare Prank!



     Regular readers may remember the original Killer Clown prank brought to you by DMPranksProductions that we posted last month . If not you can see it here . Diego and Matteo are at it again and the video above is their encore performance .

Killer Clown

Published on Jun 15, 2014

The psycho killer clown is back!
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*** Chainsaw was without blades/chain! ***


Get this video done took about 3 weeks (90+ hours of work in total)

-Get the right victims has been the hardest part, we spent an insane amount of time talking with radios, choosing and waiting for good victims (young males) 

-Someone’s face is blurred out because he didn’t sign our release form

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“House of horror”…

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Uni Lad





“Ridiculously harsh prank!”



    This prank is downright mean , but we have to admit that we burst out laughing anyway . Fathers teach lessons the hard way sometimes . Lots of hating in the comments , see where you stand … funny or abusive ?














Daily Comedy 5.30.14

Hot Girl Car Thief Prank





Published on May 27, 2014

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  Who will help this hot girl get her keys out of her car? She’s locked out and needs a brave man to help retrieve them. But what happens when the car’s true owner shows up? Things get serious.”













High School Senior Told He’s ‘Not Welcome’ At School After Raising Gadsden Flag







” Greg Stoneburner, a senior who just graduated from Central High School in Grand Junction, Colo., said he was told in no uncertain terms that he was no longer welcome at the school after raising a Gadsden flag on the school’s flagpole. Moreover, he told in an exclusive interview Friday, the principal withheld his flag and his diploma until after his graduation walk.

  The incident, he said on Facebook, took place on May 9. That’s when he replaced the school’s flag with the yellow “Don’t Tread On Me” banner often associated with the Tea Party as a senior prank. He also posted a paper to the pole that told the history of the flag.

  The prank didn’t sit too well with Jodie Diers, the principal of Central High School, who was livid over the prank. Other students, Stoneburner told Examiner, claimed she was angrily yelling to have the flag pulled down when she first saw it. According to Stoneburner, she pulled him out of a scholarship breakfast and told him and his parents the flag was a “slap in the face” to the school. She then said he was “not welcome” at Central High.”


    For information on the historic nature of the Gadsden flag and it’s role in the history of our founding see here . Anyone that would consider the display of such an historic symbol of our independence as “a slap in the face” has no business teaching our children . 











Daily Comedy 5.15.14

Bikini Bulge Prank (Spring Break Pranks)





Published on May 13, 2014
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  Our sexy beach babe headed to the shore this week to catch some sun. Who wants to help lotion her body? We have a feeling a lot of guys will help her out. The only problem is her balls are pretty itchy today, and it seems to be a turn off for the guys.”





Daily Comedy 2.22.14

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals “Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in My Hall” Prank



Published on Feb 21, 2014

” US Olympic luger Kate Hansen tweeted a video that showed a wolf wandering the hallways of her dorm in Sochi. Within minutes almost every news and sports website ran a story on it. The thing is, it was all a prank we orchestrated with Kate as Jimmy’s co-conspirator. Jimmy reveals the rest of the wolf clip and talks to Kate about their prank. 

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Jimmy Kimmel Reveals “Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in My Hall” Prank










Catapaults Him 50 Metres In The Air While He’s Still Sleeping



” It was the rudest of awakenings. 

  Supposedly sound asleep and strapped to a bed, this Japanese comedian is rocketed through the roof of a shed as dawn breaks over Mount Fuji.

  The elaborate joke was broadcast on a Japanese television special called Dokkiri Award (dokkiri means ‘being surprised’). If it is genuine and the ‘victim’ was not in on the trick, then it stands to be one of the most elaborate pranks in history.

  In a radio interview after the event, comedian Toshiaki Kasuga, claimed he was told he had to be at the base of Mt. Fuji for work early the next morning. “

Daily Mail has the story

Walking Dead Recruits One-Limbed Teen For Terrifying Zombie Prank







” One-armed, no-legged teenager Nick Santonastasso loves the Walking Dead. He’s also made a name for himself on the internet pulling zombie pranks on unsuspecting victims. So it made sense for Walking Dead producers to fly him to Tokyo—where the cast and crew was gathered for a press junket—so he could pull an excellent prank on Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon on the show.”



Gawker has more









A prank from the makers of Devil’s Due , a movie premiering soon , inflicted on the unsuspecting citizens of New York City .


Published on Jan 14, 2014

” An animatronic “devil baby” in a remote controlled stroller goes on a rampage through the streets of New York City and hidden cameras record people’s reactions.”
HT/DC Caller

Prankster Crashes People’s Cell Phone Conversations At Airport




” We’ve all likely encountered people who talk on their cell phones in public, or (gasp) done it ourselves at some point.  Admittedly, sometimes it’s almost unavoidable at a place like an airport where you might be trying to coordinate the other details of your travel.  But other times, it’s probably avoidable.

  One prankster had a funny lesson for reminding cell-phone talkers that others around them can hear their conversations. “Don’t you hate when people talk loudly on their phones in public? Why not have some fun with it and “crash” their calls!” he posted on his YouTube channel alongside the following video.

From the LA Times:

  Greg Benson, actor and funnyman, has a new prank video climbing the YouTube charts. “Cell Phone Crashing at the Airport” has Benson and his hidden camera (operated by wife Kim Evey) crowding people at an airport as they talk on their phones. “


Read more at Legal Insurrection







Scary Snowman In Boston Frightens Unsuspecting Walkers



” RipFilms brought back the snowman they dub as ‘Freaky The Snowman,’ who they placed on the streets of Boston to scare unsuspecting people walking by.”










YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2013



Published on Nov 4, 2013

” Once again we asked parents to pull a massive prank on their kids and pretend they ate all of their Halloween candy. Here are the results of this year’s Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge.

Jimmy Kimmel Live – YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2013″



It’s kind of cruel but the kids reactions are priceless . Here are the previous years efforts for your viewing pleasure .




The original one from 2011



And here is last year’s contribution










Daily Comedy 10.13.13

Prank Gone Wrong – Taxi Driver Body In Trunk

Published on Jul 21, 2013


” A prank that did not go according to plan.This taxi driver was such a good guy. We apologised and he was very happy to be in our video, we are now friends.”










Magician Scares The Life Out Of Passersby With Creepy But Hilarious Cut In Half Illusion



” Seeing a man cut in half at a traveling carnival may not shock you but what if you bumped into him walking down the street?

Magician and stand up comedian Andy Gross took his split-man prank out for a stroll recently, scaring the bejeezus out of innocent passersby.

In a hilarious video, the joker appears to be cut clean in half and carrying his legs.”