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Just One Hour From Vancouver There Is A Secret Island Where Everyone Lives Completely Off-Grid





” Lasqueti is a small island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, home to a little known community of off-gridders who take pride in their isolation from both mainstream culture and mainland Canada. In this short documentary film, a journalist from 16×9 News goes to meet some of Lasqueti’s characters and find out more about life on this beautiful land that time forgot.

  With very little industry or economy, most of the residents live simply, taking what they need from the land and having next to no carbon footprint (and little need for money). The 2011 census recorded 426 people living in Lasqueti, who meet up to socialize in the island’s (one) bar and cafe.

  Lasqueti also has a free store, where people can leave or collect items without any monetary exchange. Just one hour by boat from Vancouver island, Lasqueti doesn’t have a tourist industry, booming economy or any industry to speak of, but those who live there say that they enjoy the sense of timelessness, community, and freedom that their home provides.”


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Zombie Survival Tips #20




Published on May 30, 2013

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Don’t have any tools to open a can no problem just use concrete

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Start A Fire With A Water Bottle

Published on Dec 18, 2012

” Here’s a technique you can use to start a fire for survival if you having nothing but a water bottle and a bright sunny day. If you like survival and fire-making techniques, this video is a must see!


  Project inspired by: A co-worker mentioning her boyfriend once burned a hole in a pice of paper with a water bottle. On that idea, I practiced until I could prove it worked, and then until I felt like I’d mastered the technique.

  WARNING: Use of this video content is at your own risk.

  Music by Kevin Macleod (Stomp Dance, Movement Proposition, Chipper Doodle)

  Computer paper with black ink is the tinder of choice for practicing this technique because anyone should have access to it, and it’s fairly consistent and reliable. 

  The bottle needs to be filled with water, and ideally should have no air bubbles inside. By turning the bottle upside down and using the rounded convex part at the top, we can use a water bottle as a make-shift magnifying lens. 

  The curved water refracts the sunlight, and give the ability to focus it. The closer the rounded lens is to resembling a liquid sphere, the better it will work. If bubbled are trapped in the bottle, they will distort the sunlight and weaken the intensity of the beam.

  This technique isn’t easy, and takes a lot of practice to master, so don’t wait until you’re in a survival situation to try it.”












IT’S COMING…     It’s Time To Be Ready!


Shotgun News Be Ready 2013

” All you have to do is read the headlines to know why people all over the country are thinking more about preparedness. Whether it’s catastrophic weather, utility break-downs, terrorist attack or the collapse of civil order, millions of Americans aren’t will-ing just to hope for the best. They are taking more active measures to get ready for the times when stopping at the grocery or the ATM won’t be options. Be Ready! addresses the skills and supplies they will need to survive. On Newsstands Aug. 27.

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Kansas Caverns Could Preserve Human Race, Developer Says

Coby Cullins stands next to a scale model of the Vivos Shelter and Resort during a tour of the facility in Atchison, Kan., Tuesday, June 18, 2013. A California man is creating what he calls the world's largest private underground survivor shelter, using a complex of limestone caves dug more than 100 years ago beneath gently rolling hills overlooking the Missouri River. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

”  After most of the world’s population is wiped off the map by a wayward meteorite or hail of nuclear missiles, the survival of the human race might just depend on a few thousand people huddled in recreational vehicles deep in the bowels of an eastern Kansas mine.

That’s the vision of a California man who is creating what he calls the world’s largest private underground survivor shelter, using a complex of limestone caves dug more than 100 years ago beneath gently rolling hills overlooking the Missouri River.” 




” “I do believe I am on a mission and doing a spiritual thing,” said Robert Vicino, who has purchased a large portion of the former U.S. Army storage facility on the southeast edge of Atchison, about 50 miles northwest of Kansas City, Mo. “We will certainly be part of the genesis.” ” 




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UNPRECEDENTED Shortages Of Ammo, Physical Gold And Physical Silver






” Recent events have helped fuel a “buying frenzy” that threatens to spiral out of control.  Gun shops all over the nation are reporting that they have never seen it this bad, and in many cases any ammo that they are able to get is being sold even before it hits the shelves. 

The ammo shortage has already become so severe that police departments all over America are saying that they are being told that it is going to take six months to a year to get their orders.  In fact, many police departments have begun to trade and barter with one another to get the ammo that they need.  Meanwhile, the takedown of paper gold and paper silver has unleashed an avalanche of “panic buying” of physical gold and physical silver all over the planet. 

In the United States, some dealers are charging premiums of more than 25 percent over the spot price for gold and silver and they are getting it.  People are paying these prices even though they are being told that delivery will not happen for a month or two in many cases. ”







NDur Canteen Survival Water Filter

NDur Canteen Survival Water Filter

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Asteroid Watch: 950 Injured* As Meteorite Falls To Earth, Is There More To Come? (Video)


Russian Meteor


” Just after midnight Eastern Standard Time in the United States, a meteorite crashed causing early morning havoc in Russia. An explosion likened to an atomic bomb blast in Urals Federal District in central Russia “shattered residents’ windows, shook the ground and caused several injuries Friday morning, the Emergency Situations Ministry reported. The Volga Federal District has also been affected by the burning debris from what is being explained as a meteor.

The Moscow Times says, “The first reports came in around 7:55 a.m., with witnesses in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen saying they saw flashes in the sky, heard massive thunder and witnessed windows shatter, Yelena Smirnykh, deputy head of the ministry’s information department, told Interfax.”

Buildings nearest the meteor’s path shattered as windows exploded in the sonic blast, causing over 950 injuries(update), many are minimal injuries from glass shards but over 100 people have been admitted to hospitals.

The asteroid is due to pass between the earth and moon below the GOES belt of satellites later today around 2:25 p.m. (EST). It is not known yet, if the meteors are related to the incoming asteroid’s space debris.

(Update: NASA says the meteor is unrelated to the approaching asteroid due to pass in one hour. The meteor crashed into earth from the opposite direction and is confirmed not to be related to asteroid 2012 DA214.)

As citizens we do not know if another meteor shower will happen, but many people can follow NASA news and prepare in case a meteor or rock from the asteroid were to hit in their area. Preppers are always preaching about preparedness and this is one such scenario as to why it is important. This is the benefit from storing up water and food for at least 3 days in case of any unexpected incident like a meteor were to strike our local area.”

So, You Want to Bury Your Guns?



” The decision to cache your weapons is a very personal decision and my friend is only okay with me sharing his story with a couple hundred thousand interested readers today because, well, because of none of your business. But I tell his story here because it helps illustrate a greater point: a secret is a secret until it isn’t.

If you ever plan on burying your survival treasure, you do well to remember the old adage, “loose lips, sink ships.” If you tell just two really good friends, expect them to tell at least two of their most trusted friends and don’t be too surprised when you find a stranger telling you about a bunch of guns buried in the west corner lot of your grand-daddy’s apple orchard. Also realize that if the story of your guns is being told, inevitably someone listening will suggest finding them.”







New Scapegoat For School Massacre


” The finger of blame for Friday’s Sandy Hook school massacre has been firmly pointed at gun owners since the very first moments after the tragedy became public, but an additional scapegoat has now been identified – preppers.

“The mother of Adam Lanza, the gunman who killed 20 children and six adults in one of America’s worst ever school massacres, was a “survivalist” preparing for economic and social collapse, it has emerged,” reports the London Independent.

Lanza used three of his mother’s guns to carry out the shooting. Marsha Lanza underwent rigorous background checks and waiting periods before she was allowed to purchase the firearms.

It is now being implied that because Marsha Lanza was “self-reliant,” had readied herself for an “economic collapse,” and was proficient with firearms, that this rubbed off on her son and was a driving force behind the massacre.

The obvious inference being made is that anyone who buys storable food, owns firearms and is knowledgeable about societal and economic threats is potentially a mass murderer who needs to be watched very carefully, which is a meme that has already been making the rounds in recent months.

Because Marsha Lanza owned ten guns this means she somehow “stockpiled weapons” as part of her “paranoid” fantasies about doomsday.

It’s particularly cynical that Marsha Lanza’s lifestyle is being subtly blamed for the murder of 20 children given that she was the very first victim of Adam Lanza’s rampage.

Yahoo 7 News reports that, “Investigators are turning towards Nancy Lanza’s supposed identification as a survivalist,” as one of the contributing factors towards the shooting. “

Prepper Scapegoating

  Prepper Tips :How To Get Antibiotics Without Seeing A Doctor

 ” There are currently four ways to purchase antibiotics without first obtaining a prescription. You may drive to Mexico, buy them online, buy them in an ethnic market, or buy them in a pet store. Based on availability, this writer will focus on buying antibiotics in a pet store.

pharmacist explains that it is a bad idea for people to take veterinary medicines but that chemically the drugs are the same as what you would be prescribed by a doctor and purchase in a pharmacy. Amoxicillin, ampicillin, tetracycline, cephalexin, metronidazole and erthromycin are all available online to purchase without a prescription if you buy them as “fish antibiotics”. The aforementioned pharmacist visited numerous pet stores and located most of those antibiotics in the stores, although they were in liquid gel drops or powders. These antibiotics were available in pill form from the chain pet store’s websites “