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No, Marijuana Isn’t A Gateway Drug



Craig F. Walker / Denver Post



A new study from Emory University researchers looked at federal surveys and states that legalized medical marijuana to evaluate the impact of legalization on marijuana and other drug use. Researchers found medical marijuana legalization led adults 21 and older to use more marijuana, but the increase did not lead people to try harder drugs.

  The study has several implications for states that are considering whether to legalize marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. For one, it suggests relaxed marijuana laws can lead to more regular marijuana use, although not among teenagers. But the study also indicates that marijuana use might not be as dangerous as some critics of the drug fear.”




Some facts about marijuana versus other drugs , legal and otherwise …



” Marijuana is safe relative to other (already legal) drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco. But research shows marijuana could carry some health risks, particularly for teenagers and children.

  Tens and even hundreds of thousands of deaths are pinned to alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription drugs each year. Marijuana, on the other hand, made headlines when doctors found a potential link between marijuana and three deaths.

  An American Scientist analysis measured the toxicity of several drugs, comparing a drug’s effective dose — the threshold for a drug’s desired effect — to a drug’s fatal dose. Heroin’s fatal dose was five times its effective dose, alcohol’s was 10, and cocaine’s was 15. Marijuana’s was more than 1,000 (when ingested). So it takes a lot more to die from marijuana than it does to die from heroin, alcohol, or cocaine.”



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