Published on Dec 16, 2013

” After braving the cold and spending another night in Kiev’s Independence Square, pro-EU protesters warmed themselves up ahead of another day of demonstrations on Monday. The night before, around 300,000 outraged Ukrainians rallied in Maidan to protest, and around 5,000 camped in the square over night.

  Yesterday, EU Commissioner for Enlargement Štefan Füle announced on Twitter that negotiations with Ukraine on a trade pact had been halted, citing that ‘further discussion is conditioned on clear commitment to sign’. It is expected that tomorrow, Ukraine’s President Yanukovich will make a decision as to whether the country will resume negotiating an EU Association Agreement, or make a deal with Russia’s Customs Union.

  Yankovich was expected to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union on November 29, however backed out last minute sparking weeks of mass demonstrations in Kiev, with thousands turning out daily to protest.”