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W.H.: Obama Has “Signed Up” For Insurance Under Obamacare



” President Barack Obama has signed up for health insurance through an Affordable Care Act exchange, the White House said Monday.

  In what an official acknowledged is a “symbolic” move since the president gets his medical care from the military, Obama selected a low-cost bronze plan through the District of Columbia exchange. He made the pick over the weekend while vacationing in Hawaii.

  But Obama did not directly sign up for insurance. Rather, his staff went in person to sign him up, an official told POLITICO.”









FrontPage Magazine Examines Our First “Post-Racial” Presidency And Finds It Wanting




” During the 2008 presidential campaign, legions of commentators from across the political spectrum did their best to convince themselves and the electorate that the election of America’s “first black president”—then Senator Barack Hussein Obama—promised to usher in a new era of race relations, a “post-racial” epoch.

In the wake of his election, this number soared to seven out of ten Americans who entertained high hopes for the future of race relations in America—and the world.

Five years later, how silly the true believers in Obama’s “post-racial” America should feel.

Obama, on the other hand, looks not so much silly as deceitful, and possibly even treacherous,  for not only did he fail abysmally to deliver what he implicitly—and repeatedly—promised; race relations are actually worse in many respects now than they were prior to Obama’s election.

And they are worse to no slight extent precisely because of Obama.”










Presidential Perks




” Former Presidents get more than prestige after their time in the White House. They are given hundreds of thousands of tax dollars each year to operate an office, mail letters, and fund a lifetime pension. Below, National Taxpayers Union Foundation lays out what and how much we’re talking about.
$9.8 Million Over Nine Years
Using the latest spending request information, Bill Clinton averaged $1.09 million in annual spending on offices and benefits.”

Chris Matthews Sours On Obama





” President Obama “obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch,” Chris Matthews said tonight.

“What part of the presidency does Obama like? He doesn’t like dealing with other politicians — that means his own cabinet, that means members of the congress, either party. He doesn’t particularly like the press…. He likes to write the speeches, likes to rewrite what Favreau and the others wrote for the first draft,” Matthews said.”









100 Percent FED Up


President Obama Denies He Can Use Force to ‘Jedi Mind-Meld’ Congress




” President Obama met with the media after a seven minute discussion with Congress on the $85 billion sequester cuts. The president said that he couldn’t use a ‘Jedi mind-meld’ to force Congress to come to an agreement.

CNN’S JESSICA YELLIN: “Mr. President, to your question what could you do, first of all, couldn’t you just have them down here [Congressmen], and refuse to let them leave the room [laughter] until you have a deal?”

PRESIDENT: “I am not a dictator, I’m the President.”



George Washington

First In War, First In Peace, And First In The Hearts Of His Countrymen




Happy Birthday Sir

College: Fire Professor Who Forced Students To Vote For Obama



Sharon Sweet


” A tenured professor who forced her students to sign pledges that they would vote for President  last November should be fired, the college’s president recommended.

Sharon Sweet, an associate professor of mathematics at Brevard Community College in Florida, is guilty of electioneering, harassment, and incompetence, according to a three-month investigation into her classroom behavior leading up to the November election.

The Board of Trustees will hold a hearing on the matter, and then vote on whether to adopt President James Richey’s recommendation that Sweet be fired.

According to a report on the investigation:

“Professor Sweet strongly encouraged or mandated that students from several classes sign a pledge card that stated, ‘I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.’ She also misrepresented her intentions to multiple students, indicating at various times that she was conducting voter registration for the college, that the pledge cards were non-partisan voter registration forms, and that the pledge was a ‘statistical analysis.’ “


Where Will Obama Rank in Presidential History?



Obama Ranking



“Just how much do Obama supporters love the president? MRCTV was  at the National Mall for the Inaugural celebration and asked attendees what position Obama would hold if they had to rank all U.S. president’s from best to worst.

Keep in mind, that Obama has only just started his second term.

I’m sure if it goes as smoothly as his first, his legacy will shine even more brightly in the eyes of these supporters.”

Had we known we would have invested in Kool-aid back in 2008 




Fill Out The Form And Ruger Will Do The Rest . Make Your Voice Heard  



Ruger Petition

4 Awful Reactions to Sandy Hook School Shooting – And Thoughts on a Better Response





” Here’s a short tour of four of the least-helpful reactions to an attack that slaughtered more than two dozen Americans – most of them kids 10 years and younger. They come courtesy of a former presidential candidate (Mike Huckabee), an international media mogul (Rupert Murdoch), an Oscar-winning filmmaker (Michael Moore), and a famous crusading journalist (Geraldo Rivera).”



Inaugural Pro Quo




 ” President Barack Obama is soliciting donations from corporations and wealthy individuals for his inauguration festivities in a reversal of his previous policy, the New York Times reported.

The corporations and individuals will get special access to inaugural events in return for the donations, with the amount of access depending on the amount of money given. “


A Website Dedicated To Exposing Obama And ” The Chicago Way ” .


   This site is a collection of links documenting voting ” irregularities” from around the country . We must remember that , given the importance of a few “swing” states in determining the outcome of our presidential election , it is not a huge undertaking to sway the results through fraud .

   It is unfortunate that through the behavior and actions of our political class they have created an atmosphere where this sort of possibility is no longer confined to the realm of conspiracy theories . Through endless lies and deceit the ruling class has generated a culture of cynicism and lack of respect for authority that if unchecked will surely lead us down the path of our own destruction . 






Here is a sample of the content on the website . Read it for yourself .



” * Friday, November 9, 2012  –  22 Updates Posted Today and People You Can Contact!  See FRIDAY UPDATES! *

Is this what Barack Obama calls a “ground game?” All things considered, on this page and elsewhere, Mitt Romney IS our President elect. Let’s do something about it!

I’ll be adding additional links on a regular basis and forwarding all of this information to Mitt’s campaign!  Please send other links.

Evidence of massive Obama voter fraud in Colorado! Ten counties show 104% to 140% turnout!


Fraud: Some told they already voted, others brag about voting multiple times


Crooked Politics: Obama Lost in Every State With Photo ID Law

http://american3rdposition.com/?p=8416 ”



   If you are like us , and find it absolutely amazing that a president that has presided over the most disastrous four years this country has endured in nearly a century could achieve re-election , then you must face the possibility that it was the result of more than just ” a better ground game ” .


… Mitt Romney for President

 ” Republican candidate and former governor Mitt Romney is a leader of tremendous character, whose ability to turn around enterprises, talent for overcoming partisanship, and commitment to his country make him worthy of becoming the next president of the United States. The following are characteristics displayed by Mitt Romney, based on his record.

#1. Mitt Romney graduated from Harvard University with a degree from the prestigious J.D.-M.B.A. program, which is the graduate education of the last two presidents combined.

#2. Mitt Romney governed a state whose schools ranked first nationally in education.

#4. Bain Capital helped turn around numerous struggling businesses that went on to become prosperous and successful, such as: Burger King, Sealy, Sports Authority, Staples, Brookstone, Burlington Coat Factory, Clear Channel, Domino’s Pizza, Houghton Mifflin, Dunkin’ Donuts, The Weather Channel, Guitar Center, and the Hospital Corporation of America.

#6. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney turned a $3 billion deficit into a $700 millionbudget surplus in less than two years.

#7. Governor Romney was granted emergency gubernatorial powers and slashed unsustainable spending levels by hundreds of millions of dollars.

#14. Romney cut taxes 19 times, and they were only raised in Massachusetts when his governor’s veto was overridden. The governor used fees to help close the state’s $3 billion budget shortfall.

#18. Mitt Romney has given nearly 13.5% of his income to charity over the last twenty years, $4 million in 2011 alone. Much of his donations was given to his church. ”

Read Them All

  The Incredible Shrinking President


” You’ll recall that a near-month-long attempt to blame an obscure YouTube video for the murder of four Americans and the destruction of U.S. sovereign territory
climaxed in the vice-presidential debate with Joe Biden’s bald assertion that the administration had been going on the best
intelligence it had at the time. By then, it had been confirmed that there never had been any protest against the video, and that the Obama line that Benghazi had
been a spontaneous movie review that just got a little out of hand was utterly false. The only remaining question was whether the administration had knowingly lied or was merely innocently stupid. The innocent-stupidity line became harder to maintain this week after Fox News obtained State Department e-mails revealing that shortly after 4 p.m. Eastern, less than a half hour after the assault in Benghazi began, the White House situation room knew the exact
nature of it.

  Why would Obama and Biden do such a thing? Because to launch a military operation against an al-Qaeda affiliate on the anniversary of 9/11 would have exposed the hollowness of their boast through convention week and the days
thereafter — that Osama was dead and al- Qaeda was finished. And so Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Chris Stevens were left to die, and a decision taken to
blame an entirely irrelevant video and, as Secretary Clinton threatened, “have that person arrested.” And, in the weeks that
followed, the government of the United States lied to its own citizens as thoroughly
and energetically as any totalitarian state, complete with the midnight knock on the door from not-so-secret policemen sent to haul the designated fall-guy into custody. “

 While we admit , though will never understand , that Obama has a good “likability” rating here at home , what alarms us more is his “likability” abroad . Now we don’t mean amongst the typical citizens of the world . No we refer to his ” likability” as expressed by our adversaries … Hugo Chavez , Vladimir Putin , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rest of the world’s despots .



We here at YouViewed are of the opinion that any candidate being endorsed by our enemies is not the choice for us .


Jennifer Rubin on the likability factor 

” The Romney image created by the Obama ad bombardment was unlikable, but the actual candidate turned out to be an astonishingly decent person and extremely capable. The clash between the cartoon Romney and the real Romney seems to have jolted the electorate.

As for the media, the intellectual dishonesty should no longer surprise us, but it is disconcerting nevertheless. Romney’s unlikability is not only news but a media obsession. When he solves that issue, mum’s the word. ”


We strayed a bit from Jennifer’s point but what the heck … It’s Monday and we are tired … That doesn’t negate the essential point of our argument . Actually , Jennifer’s focus on the press’s water-carrying for Obama probably explains to a large degree how Obama’s “likability” has remained so high after four solid years of blunder upon blunder .



If all you are is a puppet you have no desires , only reactions to the string-pullers .


  “When someone wants something really bad, they truly dedicate themselves to it. Look at Steve Jobs tireless obsession with success at Apple, or Mark Zuckerberg’s unparalleled determination to make Facebook big; we just aren’t seeing that in President Obama with his bid for re-election. Consider these points:”

Sign of Things to Come ?

President Mitt Romney 2012

  Contrast these two offerings from the Romney campaign so thoughtfully brought to our attention by America Power .

   As it is Flag day we will start off with the positive uplifting video , which we here found quite moving .



   This is a fine example of how to win this race and set our country back on the right track . Though the news these days is quite grim on most fronts , the candidate that wants to win will have to portray a brighter future and an optimistic attitude which Romney seems quite capable of .


 But there is also the need , when one is to do battle with a opponent that acknowledges no limits such as Team Obama , to take off the gloves and hammer your foe unmercifully .


Thankfully , Romney seems to understand how to play rough as well . Good for him , good for US .





  Thanks to John Hinderaker for pointing out the existence of this first rate , professional video that provides the viewer with a concise overview of the government-run travesty known , although not nearly widely enough , as “Fast & Furious” . Highly recommended , especially to the previously uninitiated . A perfect primer on the biggest presidential scandal in generations .

   “This new video by American Future Fund, titled simply “Fast and Furious,” is an excellent, effective introduction to the scandal. Someone should spend a great deal of money to put it on television in all of the swing states:”

   We couldn’t agree more thoroughly with John’s suggestion to make this into a major airtime purchase from now til November . Everyone needs to see this before they vote . 

  This American Thinker piece should have the progressives groaning .

”  I am a thinking, educated, intelligent, independent voter.           
   I am fanatical in my support for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

   I believe that there is only one phrase that might be slightly more important than “We the People
of the United States …”. That phrase would be “In the Beginning the Lord said ‘Let there be

   But the most significant thing that makes Barack Obama view me as his worst nightmare is simply this: I tell the truth about him. I don’t
need to lie. I don’t need to “create” a narrative. What he has done all by himself is so appalling that any need for embellishment is stillborn. “

Clinton on Romney

“There is no question that in terms of getting up and going to the office and basically performing the essential functions of the office, a man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold,” Clinton said of Romney in an interview with CNN on Thursday.”