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Michael Barone


  ” I compared the first presidential debate to
the Battle of Little Big Horn. This second
presidential debate seemed to me like one
of those Civil War battles—I’m not enough
of a Civil War buff to say which one—in
which both armies battered each other but
neither came out a clear victor and the war
went on. This strikes me as one of those
presidential debates, like most presidential
debates, in which most Democratic voters
believe the Democratic candidate won and
most Republican voters believe the
Republican candidate won. “

The Thrill Is Gone

The Denver Smackdown

  “I’ve been exchanging emails all night with friends, sharing our thoughts on tonight’s presidential debate in Denver or — as I’ve come to refer to it — the Denver Smackdown. There were tons of observations, jokes, and predictions flying around, but my overall, quickie takeaway is that Romney ruled.

My favorite thing about tonight was that Governor Romney not only took the fight to President Obama, but he seemed to genuinely enjoy doing so. He had that fire in his eyes that it takes to win. But as assertive, even aggressive, as he was, he was still likeable. My husband watched and noted how polite the two were to each other. I had not really noticed because I was so caught up in, and somewhat surprised by, the fact that Romney came out swinging and never let up. But he was right about the politeness. Romney struck the perfect balance. He came across as a gentleman. He was forceful without being a bully. He was assertive of his territory (the time clock), without being rude. Romney was pitch perfect tonight. Just perfect.

And as perfect as Romney was, Obama was that bad. I already had a feeling this election would be a lot like Reagan – Carter. Obama has been behaving like a man in deep trouble. His surrogates have called Romney a felon, accused him of killing a woman with cancer, and even of dissing his garbage man. This isn’t a “Morning in America” campaign. This is the smell of desperation in the morning.”

Dennis Miller on Denver

100 Percent FED Up

Quick Take From Michelle Malkin

“Romney was unintimidated by President Obama.

He was undaunted by lib moderator Jim Lehrer.”


Michelle Malkin at Right Wing News

  “On Wednesday night, left-leaning TV anchor Jim Lehrer of government-supported PBS will moderate the first 90-minute presidential debate in Denver. The forum will focus on domestic policy. Lehrer alone will determine the topics and questions for six 15-minute segments, and then he will control an “open discussion” for each segment.

We know the liberal media bias drill: Make the Republican candidate look like a scary extremist on social issues and a greedy capitalist pig on economic issues. Avoid the Democratic incumbent’s record of failure. Run out the clock. Thank you and good night.

Here’s my starter list of domestic policy debate topics and related questions that should be asked, but probably won’t be. Lapdog media, please go ahead and prove me wrong:”

 …Because of His Schedule?

  “Woodhouse says Democrats are “trying to be realistic about expectations” because the president is “lucky to be able to devote three consecutive hours to debate preparation.” 

… Obama has held more fundraisers during his term by this past March than the five preceding presidents …combined. He completed his 100th round of golf as president by June. He’s met with 25 B-list Hollywood celebrities to prep them on how to campaign for him. He’s mingled with A-listers Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Vogue Editor Anna Wintour. He’s set one night fundraising records with buddies George Clooney, DreamWorks Animations’ Jeffrey Katzenberg, Robert Downey Jr., Salma Hayek, Tobey Maguire, and Barbara Streisand. He’s spurned Israeli Prime Minister in favor of Late Night Bro David Letterman in the wake of Middle Eastern turmoil, which resulted in the death of the United States Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens…”


According to Whom ?

Denver debate “do-or-die” for Mitt Romney

 The funny thing about American politics is the fact that it seems to be the only sport where one team presumes to not only compete in the match but also to set the rules and referee the contest as well . 

It certainly is a blessing that us yokels in ” flyover ” country have some betters in the media to explain things for us , otherwise we might just get caught up believing all of that crap fed to us as campaign promises .

“The kickoff presidential debate Wednesday in Denver is shaping up as do-or-die time for Mitt Romney, with the pressure intensifying this week after a flurry of swing-state polls showed President Barack Obama opening up a sizable lead.

Republicans, fretting about dwindling days for Romney to turn around his campaign, fear that if their nominee doesn’t come away with a decisive first-debate victory, he’ll continue to spiral downward and lose his last, best shot for a comeback”

  We all know how accurate the pollsters have been in recent times . Think Scott Walker . The polls more often than not reflect the wishful thinking of the bootlick media conducting them and not any scientific results . Remember , if you weight the poll sufficiently you can get any result you desire .

 Remain calm , ignore the hand-wringing ersatz-republican pundits and the openly partisan democrat political operatives ( read : reporters) , talk to your neighbors and friends and VOTE November 6th .

  It will come down to turnout . That is their goal with stories such as this one . They have no basis in fact , they only exist with one purpose in mind and that is DEMORALIZATION . 

We Must Not Let The Bastards Win .