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Honesty and Sincerity Show




  ” Mitt Romney crossed a major threshold early this week, moving above 50 percent in his favorability rating, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls — and, for the first time in the campaign, he now leads President Obama on that measure.

The Republican presidential nominee has clearly benefitted from the debates. He had a 44.5 percent favorability rating at the end of September, before the debates. But by Monday, when he and Mr. Obama faced off for the final debate of the campaign, Mr. Romney’s favorability average was up at 50.5 percent.

“He’s did a great job humanizing himself in the first debate and seeming presidential in the second debate,” said Republican pollster Mike McKenna, who said the debate performances punctured Mr. Obama’s campaign-long strategy of trying to disqualify Mr. Romney in the minds of voters.

The Romney effort to seem measured continued on Monday in the third and final matchup between the two men. That debate was dedicated to foreign policy, and he batted away the president’s attacks, at one point accusing Mr. Obama of having little else.

“Attacking me is not an agenda,” the Republican said. “



” Obama was very aggressive throughout the debate–perhaps still trying to compensate for his lackluster first debate–using every single question to attack his opponent’s record and policies. That approach may have backfired, as it allowed Romney to strike a calmer, more stable posture. Romney’s apparent strategy was to give up scoring points on particular issues in favor of appealing to war-weary, politics-weary moderate voters.

But that did not mean Romney failed to fight–and fight he did, particularly on the issue of Iran, which he stressed repeatedly as the biggest threat to the U.S. and the greatest failure of the Obama administration. He also repulsed some of Obama’s attacks–when given the opportunity by a moderator who once again showed far greater favor to the incumbent–and occasionally used some of them to pivot to his favored policy points.”

National Association for Gun Rights



The Greatest Anti-Poverty Program In Human History “


” Over the last few weeks, Mr. Romney has shown that he is a moderate to his core—he is a manager, and ablistener, who believes he can restore the balance between the private and public sectors that has been a hallmark of the American economy.

  The Observer endorses Mr.
Romney’s candidacy and urges
readers to support him.

   Four years ago, Barack Obama
captured the imagination of many
Americans with his thrilling message of change.

America supported that candidate (as did this newspaper), but his
presidency, so filled with promise
and potential, has failed to deliver
the change America needs.

While we admire Mr. Obama, we
believe he squandered an
opportunity to bring positive change to Washington—and what change he did bring will burden future generations.

  We continue to rack up debt, buy services we cannot afford and allow unfunded liabilities to
continue to grow. This has to end. ”

  ” Mr. Romney, on the other hand,
promises to bring a new and
refreshing attitude to Washington,
one that speaks to his experience as
both a successful business leader and the governor of a state not known for its affection for Republicans.

  As he surveys the nation’s stubbornly sluggish economy, Mr. Romney isn’t looking to point fingers, and he certainly isn’t looking to single out chief executives, entrepreneurs and
high earners for demagogic attacks
and punitive tax proposals.
  Critics have lampooned him as out of touch; in fact, it is Mr. Obama who has lost sight of the fact that American capitalism is the greatest anti-poverty program in human history. “

“Obama Campaign Raffling Off Chance To Meet Beyonce And Jay-Z…”

Remember when the office of president conveyed a sense  dignity about it ?

“With an email sent by Beyonce that includes the creepy subject line, “I don’t usually email you.” “