Google Launches Tools For Evading Government Control



Digital Attack Map




” With the Internet playing an ever-greater role in disseminating information and connecting political opponents of authoritarian regimes, governments with a taste for deterring the same are stepping up surveillance, efforts to control access to inconvenient facts and opinions, and attacks on the Web presents of the opposition. As we all know, even officials in the land of the free have a taste for online snoopiness. So what an appropriate moment for Internet giant Google to step forward with new tools intended to help online users escape surveillance and control, and to deliver their messages even when under cyberattack by the authorities.

On its official blog, Google announced the launch of Project Shield, to help protect websites from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, the Digital Attack Map, which tracks DDoS attcks in realtime, so they can be exposed as they happen, and uProxy, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that works like an easily shared personalized virtual private network (VPN) to allow people living under controlling regimes to surf the Web via connections to users elsewhere, evading censorship and surveillance.”