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” If people want a peek at the defense on the e-mail scandal that will come from Team Hillary will mount — sans Hillary Clinton, at least for a while — check out this exchange between Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace and longtime Clintonland figure Lanny Davis. His very presence on FNS shows just how much Hillary wants to stand up for herself, and after watching this exchange, it’s pretty clear why. Davis insists that Hillary didn’t do anything illegal, but also that she did nothing wrong, and Wallace can’t believe it: “


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” You can say this about the Clintons; they fill our desire for drama in the annual breaks between episodes of TV serials. “Downton Abbey” ends for the season and Clinton Follies is on tap again as the New York Times reports as old news, something known for at least two years: Hillary never used the Department of State’s official email account 

  If you’ve been busy leading a full and rich life and missed this week’s excitement here it is in a nutshell: on the day of her confirmation hearing for the position of secretary of state, Hillary Clinton set up an internet server in her home (purchased under an apparent pseudonym “Eric Hoteham”). Perhaps the domain was even run out of two commercial web hosting firms, instead of the home server: 

  For her entire term at the department she exclusively used this unprotected email server, utilizing at last count about 9 different email addresses for all her Internet communications. These entire addresses end in clintonemail@com, which signaled to anyone reading the message that this was not, sent on a government server.

This tactic allowed her to avoid disclosure of her correspondence to Freedom of Information Act and other document production requests, including Congressional inquiries.

  Can she claim she didn’t know this violated Federal laws and regulations requiring this correspondence be kept where it can be archived and, if required, disclosed? Hardly. All officials are routinely warned about such things. In fact, she ordered our ambassador to Kenya fired for failing to use a government server for his communications.

  In connection with Congressional hearings the department was asked to provide her email correspondence and, so the story goes, they had none, so Hillary had her staff go through her records and late last year provided 50,000 emails, and claimed others might be found in the recipients’ files.

  There is also little doubt, given this functional definition, that e-mail has been covered by the Federal Records Act since its adoption by the federal government during the Clinton administration. As Ian Tuttle correctly notes, the State Department’s own manual has plainly provided, since 1995, that e-mail records must be preserved under the Federal Records Act.”



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Why Did The FBI Hack Paula Broadwell’s Private Email Account?

 ” The Washington Post reports that F.B.I officials described the e-mails as “threatening and harassing” but not specific enough to warrant criminal charges.

Before long, F.B.I. investigators discovered that the anonymous account belonged to Broadwell, as noted by the New York Times.

Question(s) ? …  If the emails were  “not specific enough to warrant criminal charges” why wasn’t the matter dropped immediately ? Beyond that , why was the FBI involved with a , initially at least, routine case of harassment ? Isn’t that a matter for local law enforcement ?

Because the sender’s account had been registered anonymously, investigators had to use forensic techniques — including a check of what other e-mail accounts had been accessed from the same computer address — to identify who was writing the e-mails.

Eventually they identified Ms. Broadwell as a prime suspect and obtained access to her regular e-mail account.

Question(s)? … Prime suspect in what ? It was stated prior that the emails were “not specific enough to warrant criminal charges” … Oops , there’s that phrase again … So after quickly determining that  , one , the emails and attendant threats were “not specific enough to warrant criminal charges” , and two , that said non-prosecutable emails originated from Paula Broadwell , the FBI still found the need to further delve into Ms Broadwell’s personal life by hacking into ALL of her email accounts even after the determination had been made that no crime had been committed . Any fishermen out there ? 

The rest, as they say, is history. After the FBI discovered sexually explicit emails from an account they traced to Petraeus, investigators concluded that he was involved in an affair with Broadwell.”

This entire affair exudes the aroma of a putrid pelagic and we are not talking moral judgments here , just political ones . This all circles right around to a post of ours on Saturday about the need , or lack thereof of publicly trashing two families’ lives in pursuit of a political agenda . 

 By the way , one last question , Who Is Jill Kelley ?