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Ukrainian Opposition Party’s Offices Raided As Protesters Dig In





” Ukrainian authorities closed in on protesters in Kiev and raided the offices of a leading opposition party on Monday, in their first tentative attempt to exert control over the city centre which has been occupied by anti-government protesters for a week.

  Riot police removed barricades around a key government building and stood face to face with lines of protesters as temperatures dropped and a blizzard swirled through Kiev. As of early evening there had been no attempt to regain control of Independence Square or the city hall, but police edged their lines closer during the day.”

 Activists from Fatherland, the political party of the jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, said their offices had been stormed by armed men. Ostap Semerak, an MP, told the Guardian that heavily armed operatives from the SBU secret services arrived at the party headquarters and entered through the windows “like pirates or terrorists”, before taking away computer servers.”







Remind you of anyone ? 




” This is a building where several MPs have their offices and the act was completely illegal,” he said. “If there was a court order then they should have shown it, but this kind of behaviour is outrageous.”

  A week of protests against President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision not to sign an integration pact with the EU culminated in the biggest demonstration since the 2004 Orange Revolution on Sunday when hundreds of thousands of people flooded central Kiev. Protesters toppled a statue of Lenin and attacked it with hammers.”









Chicken Supreme






” My weekend column was headlined “Park Service Paramilitaries“. Just to prove the point they showed up today in riot gear.

Meanwhile, as part of our continuing series on the paramilitarized bureaucracy, following Seal Team Six I’ve tipped my hat in this space to Bunny Team Six and Deer Team Six. Now we have Chicken Team Six:

EPA Facing Fire For Armed Raid On Mine In Chicken, Alaska: Population, 7 “

 Thousands Remove Barricades At WWII Memorial; Palin, Cruz, Others Lead “Tear Down These Walls” Chants

” Thousands of protesters have arrived at the World War II memorial this morning to protest the closure of the memorials during the government shutdown. The protestors have removed the barriers and have entered the monument.”

” Senators Mike Lee – Utah and Ted Cruz – Texas as well as Sarah Palin were among the crowd that chanted “Tear down these walls” and sang patriotic songs according to local news coverage from WTOP, as the barriers were removed.”    

     The story was the same at the Lincoln Memorial where the taxpayers took back what is rightfully theirs as Mr Conservative reports .     Lincoln Mem     CBS DC offers more     Veterans and their families and friends gather at the Lincoln Memorial in protest of the government shutdown. (credit: Heather Curtis/All-News 99.1)

    ” Frustrated veterans and their families pushed through the barricades at the World War II memorial to protest the political stalemate between the Senate and the House of Representatives. Veterans then moved to the Lincoln Memorial, according to All-News 99.1 reporter Heather Curtis, where they were once again met by barricades.”

The People have had enough of the “Barry-cades” , that’s for sure .

Dana Loesch reports on the march and here is another report from Fox News …

A Link To A Hot Air Open Thread: The Vets March On Washington

” If you were relying on the usual cable news channels, you probably wouldn’t even know this was happening today, but the much anticipated veterans’ march on DC has been well under way for a while now. At least the local news is covering it

The group was upset with the closure of memorials in Washington due to the shutdown stalemate. The original WWII protest was organized by the Million Vet March group, but took on a more political tone.”

     As Jim Hoft reports , veterans took down the barry-cades from the Lincoln Memorial and relocated them at the White House where they more properly belong .

   This report from PJMedia’s Tattler which includes numerous photos will give you a better idea of what is going on in DC . As you can see in all the tumult of the shutdown Benghazi and the men who gave their lives there are not forgotten .

photo 1

   Update 15:35 est : The Blaze has a report with photos and video of the NPS showing up in riot gear complete with mounted Troopers and armored cars .

NPS Storm Troopers

Obama's America

  We’ll continue to bring you more information as it becomes available to us .

   Here’s another choice photo , this one from Frontpage magazine . Note the mounted troops in the background and the officer with all the flex-cuffs in the foreground . Did anyone see any of this sort of preparation at the Illegal Alien rally on the Mall earlier in the week ? We didn’t think so …

Shame on US …

Here’s a live feed from the rally via Ustream

Ustream Live Vets Feed


Egypt: More Than 75 Dead As Violence Erupts At Cairo Rallies


Egypt Protesters Shot


” Doctors at an Islamist-run field hospital said another 1,000 had been injured in the clashes, which broke out shortly before pre-dawn prayers at a Cairo vigil staged by backers of Mr Morsi.

Gehad El-Haddad, a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said the army had opened fire on protesters who had spilled out of the vigil on to a main thoroughfare. State news agency MENA quoted an unnamed security source as saying only teargas was used to disperse demonstrators. But Mr Haddad said the victims had suffered bullet wounds to their heads and chests.

“They are not shooting to wound, they are shooting to kill,” Mr Haddad said, adding that the death toll might be much higher.”







15 Photos From the Tahrir Square Protests You’ll Never See In Legacy Media




” Curiously, a massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment in Egypt has been utterly ignored by vintage media, even though the protests may be the largest in all of human history.”




” Consider the dichotomy: Obama 2011: Mubarak Must Go; Obama Today: ‘It’s not our job to choose who Egypt’s leaders are’.”



See them all at DirectorBlue







Watch Police Shoot Down a Drone Flying Over Istanbul

(Best Watch in Full Screen)





” The tension in Turkey is quickly approaching its breaking point as thousands of protesters gear up for a third week occupying Istanbul’s Gezi Park. This being the modern age, where computers fit in our pockets and everybody’s a potential terrorist, some locals decided to take their little camera-enabled, radio-controlled quadcopter for a spin. This, again, being the modern age, police promptly shot it down. And yes, a drone was harmed in the making of this movie.”







Koch LA Times Buyout Enrages Protesters: What We Saw at the “Save Our News” Rally

Published on May 30, 2013

” Protesters gathered outside of the Los Angeles Times building on Wednesday to speak out against the potential sale of the newspaper and other Tribune Company properties to the Koch brothers. Reason TV was on the scene to find out why the potential sale was so upsetting to those gathered and whether or not they though it appropriate for the city government to take action against the Times.

Answers ranged from a fear of the Times being transformed into a right-wing propaganda machine to a general distrust of billionaires and/or large corporations owning media companies (despite the fact that the Tribune Company is, of course, a large corporation and billionaires besides the Kochs are interested in the purchase). Watch the full video above. 

About 4 minutes. Produced by Zach Weissmueller and Tracy Oppenheimer.

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Full disclosure: David Koch is trustee of Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes Reason TV.”







  “Ten days after four Americans were killed in their Libyan city, hundreds marched in Benghazi and took over the headquarters of a radical Islamist group tied to the attack.

Thousands of protesters had taken to the street earlier Friday, loudly declaring that they — and not those behind last week’s deadly attack — represent the real sentiments of the Libyan people.

I am sorry, America,” one man said. “This is the real Libya.” “

Vlad Putin’s Spokesman:“We Should Smash Protesters’ Livers On the Asphalt”

The scene outside the annual bootlickers Correspondents dinner in DC .


” As the nation’s elite journalists
arrived at the Washington Hilton to hobnob with President Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, many were met by a small
group of protesters shouting “don’t believe the liberal press” and holding signs adorned with photos of deceased conservative activist
Andrew Breitbart…. “